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Best Tequila Distilleries For Denver And Neighboring Areas

The story of the blue weber agave and how it transforms to tequila is quite dramatic. Tequila has been part of the culture and the history of Mexico. In fact, this Latin American nation offers a series of tours for visitors which take them to through an immersive experience into the towns, estates, villages, vast fields, and factories that make tequila. Some of these areas export the liquor into the United States, particularly in Colorado.

Your encounter with tequila may come from everywhere. You may have been offered a shot of tequila by your friends one night, or you may have visited a well-known bar in Denver that serve a variety of labels. Or, at some point, shot glasses of tequila may be offered as free tastes in places you go, just know this article will share where these tequilas are coming from.

Our previous blog posts have traced the roots of tequila and why it is a favorite drink among many people. This time, we are uncovering more of its story and how the tequila trail that starts in Mexico has reached the Mile High City and beyond, through a list of the top tequila distilleries producing tequila for Colorado.


Top Tequila Distilleries and Denver Tequila


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Tequilera Simbolo, Producer of Suerte Tequila

Suerte Tequila is one of the very popular brands in Colorado, without a doubt. The award-winning label brings in the agave harvested from the fields of its distillery back in the Jalisco highlands to the bottles. Tequilera Simbolo in Atotonilco El Alto is among the tequila distilleries responsible for the detail-oriented processes that Suerte Tequila has been known for.

Tequilera Simbolo was just recently acquired by the brand, but it has been operating locally for several decades now. Suerte may have been founded and owned by two men named Laurence Spiewak and Lance Sokol, but the spotlight is focused on master distiller Pedro Hernandez Barba, the owner of the distillery. It is among the few facilities that make use of 100% tahona crushing, which gives the liquor its old-style flavor and antiquity in taste.


Peach Street Distillers and Tequila Denver


Peach Street Distillers

You may also come across certain scenarios wherein the name of the brand is the name of the tequila, or agave, distillery in itself. One good example is Peach Street Distillers. It is the oldest locally-owned distillery in The Centennial State, taking pride in making not just agave-based spirits but also gin, vodka, whiskey, and more. To talk about its passion for agave-based liquor, the distillery makes Silver, Gold, and Extra. Each is made with 100% organic blue agave nectar from Jalisco, Mexico.

Peach Street Distillers opens its doors for tours, tastings, and an experience with its signature drinks, may they be based on agave or not.


Top Distilleries Denver and best tequila


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Mile High Spirits, Producer of Cuidado Tequila

Isn’t Mile High Spirits a distillery for bourbon? You have heard that right but not quite. Bourbon may be the main event for Mile High Spirits Distillery and Tasting Bar at Lawrence Street in Denver, but in its collection is a tequila that is just as authentic as its counterparts.

This distillery produces Cuidado Blanco Tequila, which the official website describes as having “the flavor of Mexico and the taste of Colorado.” The liquor has a sweet citrus aroma, with hints of spicy pepper and earthy undertones. Smooth as it tastes, Cuidado Blanco Tequila is sourced from a family distillery in the agave region of Mexico. The bottling happens in Colorado, under its own trademark -- adding Rocky Mountain water to stand for the local taste. Its two highlands rolled into one.


Cuidado Tequila and Top Tequila Denver


Arta Tequila From El Arenal, Mexico

Coming in at number four is Arenal’s tequila distillery in Mexico, a plantation and facility that is recognized for their highly sustainable practices. The distillery makes the brand known as Arta Tequila from blue weber agave cultivated and harvested in a family-owned farm in Arenal, located just 15 minutes away from the main Tequila town in Jalisco. Sustainability has already been embedded alongside its craft, with the 11 generations of organic practice growing agave without using any pesticides.

Call their final products healthier, yes. Arta Tequila makes Silver, Reposado, Añejo, and Extra Añejo. El Arenal is the gateway to Tequila town, and is located in a strategic area that provides a good introduction for those planning to take tequila tours in the region.


   Top Tequila Distilleries Denver and best tequila


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State 38 Distilling

Another distillery that also shares the same name as its brands is State 38 Distilling. While technically not considered a tequila distillery out of the geographical area where its liquors are made, State 38 Distilling deserves a spot on the list because of the intricate craft that goes with the production.

State 38 Distilling has been established to showcase the state’s inclination for hand crafting small batch spirits using locally-produced raw materials and Rocky Mountain water. It has purchased 100% raw organic blue agave ready for distilling through fair trade, and many consumers have become loyal patrons of the distilling and the brands that it has.


State 38 Distilling Denver and best distilleries denver tequila


Sombra Mezcal’s Distillery in Oaxaca, Mexico

If Jalisco is to tequila, then Oaxaca is to mezcal. With the technicalities that surround tequila, as it is always considered a mezcal, the boundaries separating these beverages become shattered and the possibilities of discussion are endless. The mezcal distilleries in Oaxaca, Mexico deserve mention as it is also home to a facility that makes one of the best brands known in the world, Sombra Mezcal.

Sombra Mezcal is relatively young and since its master sommelier Richard Betts discovered the distillery in Mexico’s mezcal region, he started to commit to the creation of the brand’s offerings from the plantations down to the bottle. The liquor that is produced in the region likewise comes from the most sustainable practices that do not only contribute to the greening of the Earth but also in the preservation of good commerce.


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The Finest Tequilas

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