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Top Brands At The 2018 Denver Summer Tequila Tasting Festival

The 2018 Denver Summer Tequila Tasting Festival became such a momentous affair from the locals, as they learned about tequila from the many brand representatives that came to join the event.

It was a two-hour tasting festival that featured some of the city’s hottest brands presented at The Celtic on Market, a great venue perfect to host such events that drew big crowds from around the metro. Around 200 guests came in to join the tasting festival. It gave participants the chance to lock in their votes and choose the best tequila brands from them. Denverites, here are your choices!


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Astral Tequila

Astral Tequila Summer Tequila Tasting Festival


The summer tequila tasting festival in Denver featured Astral Tequila, a brand founded by Richard Betts. He has created a line of fine tequila using traditional methods and ingredients from Jalisco in Mexico. Their tequila is made from locally-grown Agave and once harvested, they are slow-roasted in ovens and turned into caramelized forms. The hearts are crushed, from where the juice is fermented in wild yeasts. A double distillation takes place before the liquid is bottled in 92 proof.


Mexican Moonshine


Mexican Moonshine Tequila Summer Tequila Tasting Festival


Mexican Moonshine Tequila was also chosen as a top brand during the event. Their tequila also came from 100 percent Blue Agave but takes inspiration from the ocean. It utilizes authentic Blue Agave that is also processed through distillation done twice, and aged for more than a year in used bourbon barrels. It has Añejo, Reposado and Silver in different tasting notes.


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Suavecito Tequila


Suavecito Tequila Summer Tequila Tasting Festival


Suavecito Tequila is regarded as “the world’s smoothest” tequila made from authentic Mexican raw ingredients. Their blue weber agave is cultivated on red soil on the Jalisco highlands standing tall at 7,000 feet. The brand has products that feature tasting notes of chocolate, mint, citrus, cherry, and a whole lot more. Drinkers are always looking for something fresh for their tastes, and Suavecito has completely fulfilled their cravings.


The Fun Continues With Summer Tequila

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