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Top Brands At The 2018 Indianapolis Summer Tequila Tasting Festival

Broken English Taco Pub hosted the 2018 Indianapolis Summer Tequila Tasting Festival on July 21st. Present during the event were various brand representatives, and guests who made lasting connections with each other over the beverage that the world has come to adore.

It was a two-hour tasting festival that featured surprises for the attendees. Aside from the usual tasting and food specials, the guests were also given bracelets to determine the number of experienced drinkers versus novice ones in the crowd. Some of the guests shared how the bracelets were such a “cool” and were a “great idea.”

Plus, they were also able to vote for their favorite brands. Here are the best brands chosen in Indianapolis.


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Don Julio Tequila


Don Julio Tequila Summer Tequila Tasting Festival


Don Julio Tequila is touted as the “world’s first luxury premium tequila,” as stated on the brand’s official website. They have six distinct tequila varieties in their collection, namely Añejo, Añejo Claro, Blanco, Reposado, 1942 Tequila, and Real Tequila. The brand takes pride in presenting products that are not seen from the competitors.

The Añejo Claro is aged for a total of 18 months in white oak barrels before bringing out the flavor from the Agave. Distinctly smooth, this product has hints of honey, toasted oak, and vanilla. On the other hand, the iconic 1942 Tequila is handcrafted as tribute to its founder, Don Julio González.


Patrón Tequila

Patron Tequila


The guests also loved Patrón Tequila, and selected the brand to be a favorite during the event. The brand literally has a collection of several products. Tequila Patrón has Añejo, Reposado, Silver, and Extra Añejo, a golden tequila aged for three years in oak barrels.

The company also introduces Roca Patrón, which is a collection of three different tequilas made using the so-called “tahona” process to extract the most intricate of flavors that are perfect for all tastes. These flavors include black pepper, caramel, ginger, and raisins.


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Suavecito Tequila


Suavecito Tequila Summer Tequila Tasting


Suavecito Tequila has been known as the smoothest tequila in the world laden with ingredients coming from authentic sources in Mexico. They make use of the Blue Weber Agave cultivated from Jalisco highlands situated around 7,000 feet. Among the flavors loved by the guests during the tasting festival included: chocolate, citrus, mint, and several others. It offered them a taste of the local scenery in the tropics, and they could not wait for the next sip.


The Fun Continues With Summer Tequila

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This two-hour spirits tasting event will feature the top whiskey brands; signature and classic cocktails, and VIP ticket holders will receive some fun giveaways. Discounts are also in for the tickets, and make sure to use discount code DWF (Drink With Friends) upon checkout.


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