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#2018WinterTequilaRecap: Kansas' Top Brands

Kansas City Top Tequila Brands

The 2018 Winter Tequila Festival found its way to Kansas City bringing some fiesta out with some great tequila. The festival has left the city with high spirits as it provided guests with a variety of education and experience, while also allowing an opportunity to connect with new people and creating new memories while having an enjoyable time.

On the 17th of February, the event started promptly at 4:00 p.m. CST and was a two-hour experience loaded with food and drinks specials. It also provided a chance for participants to earn free tickets and prizes for future events. The entire festivity had a portion of its proceeds given to a local charity.

The 2018 Kansas Winter Tequila Festival also gave the customers the ability to compare and vote for their favorite brands using the #WinterTequilaFest and #WinterTequilaFestival.

After the votes were tallied, here are the 3 Tequila Brands that won hearts in the 2018 Kansas Winter Tequila Festival.


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1. Exotico Tequila

Exotico Tequila Top Tequila BrandsExotico Tequila is a drink that is handcrafted with tradition and great attention to detail. It is this reason that the locals of Kansas City voted for this tequila brand. This premium, unaged, 100% blue agave tequila has 2 kinds -- reposado and blanco.


2. Del Maguey Artisanal Mezcal

Del Maguey Artisanal Mezcal

Del Maguey (pronounced ma–gay) has a series of delicious Single Village Mezcals which uses ancient organic processes to produce a distinct Del Maguey liquor taste. It received raves in this year’s tequila tasting event that one participant even exclaimed "The smokey taste is like nothing I've experienced in tequila, but am pleasantly surprised and will be finding this in stores!."


3. Espolòn Tequila

Espolòn Tequila
The science of distillation, as well as, the art of tequila making is what makes Espolòn stand out from the rest. Their award-winning tequilas that everyone loves stand as testament to Espolòn’s maker, Master Distiller Cirilo Oropeza, his pioneering spirit and his commitment to perfecting his art.

What’s Next?

Social Scene wants to provide the best possible experience by bringing out good music, food and provide an educational experience to help consumers connect with participating liquor brands and to ultimately learn the story behind them.


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See these brands and others in Social Scene’s next Tequila Festival happening across cities like Chicago and Denver in 2019. There will also be tequilas in a bar crawl come the next St. Patrick's festivities. 

For more events like these, please head on to Social Scene’s website and get the latest buzz around the hippest happenings near you!


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