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#2018WinterTequilaRecap: Minneapolis' Top Brands

Tequila was the highlight as Minneapolis locals recently enjoyed the 2018 Winter Tequila Festival held at Uptown Tavern on February 17th. Various brands showcased their flavors and educated participants in an experience they will cherish for the rest of the season. They were given the opportunity to vote for their favorite brands as well.

The verdict? Three top brands were chosen as top blends Minneapolis loved during this year’s Winter Tequila Festival.


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1. El Jimador

Top Tequila Brands El Jimador Tequila

First on the list is El Jimador Tequila, a brand that has withstood the test of time. It says, “We’re the master harvesters that give our all in the pursuit of the art of gathering the Weber blue agave that goes into our tequila. Heart and soul, that’s what it takes to get the name -- and it wasn’t earned easily.”

Everything was reflected on the tastes, and perhaps this was what made participants vote for El Jimador as one of the top brands. Its set of classic tequilas are made sure to carry its very name. The brand offers anejo, reposado, and silver, as well as its concoctions of flavors like Mexican lime, mango, and fuego.


2. Espolòn

Espolòn Tequila

Minneapolis also loved the way Espolòn championed theirs. With so many brands that participated during the tasting event, it is a challenge for a company to stand out. But for Espolòn, it was born to do so.

Truly Mexican -- that is what Espolòn’s story is all about. It shares, “Master Distiller Cirilo Oropeza spent decades learning both the science of distillation and the art of tequila making. His passion for it, matched with his strict attention to detail, allowed Cirilo to dedicate himself to the dream of creating a tequila of great quality that everyone could enjoy.”

Eventually, this master distiller partnered with an entrepreneur to create an award-winning brand, and the rest is history. Now, the brand is known for its skeleton-inspired design done artistically, and creating flavors of anejo, blanco, reposado, and more.


3. Revel Spirits

Revel Spirits Tequila Top Brands

Minnesota won’t be complete without Revel Spirits, a brand that is serious about serving exquisite tequila that drinkers will certainly love. Take Revel Spirits’ blanco for instance. Part of all its spirits that it offers, the so-called Reval Spirits experience consisted of beverages made from blue agave, grown by a family in the harvesting fields. Distinctive in its taste, the brand sources out its blend from the foot of a Mexican volcano in the state of Morelos in the region. Very few companies do this process, and this makes Revel Spirits a true product of the craft.

Social Scene is getting Minneapolis ready for another series of events. It once again partnered with brands at the 2018 Minneapolis Summer Tequila Festival on the 21st of July. Tequila enthusiasts came together as they embarked on a journey to warm up taste buds with a taste of various tequilas.

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