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Top Brands At The 2018 Minneapolis Summer Tequila Tasting Festival

Social Scene provides an opportunity for guests at tasting festivals to let their voices be heard, as they vote for which brands they think are the top products throughout the event. At the 2018 Minneapolis Summer Tequila Tasting Festival, not only did they get the chance to try out various flavors but they also chose the top brands in Minneapolis. Here’s a rundown.



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Ayate Tequila

Ayate Tequila

One of the brands that emerged as a favorite during the tequila tasting festival was Ayate Tequila. This company features two tequilas, their own version of Añejo and Reposado. Just like the other brands, these beverages are meticulously processed using Agave selected by master tequila distillers who have been doing this craft for several years already. Well-loved during that afternoon was the special Añejo finished for six months in barrels to create a unique flavor and character.



Camarena Tequila Summer Tequila Tasting Festival


Camarena has also been chosen in the Chicago tasting festival, and once again coming forward as one of the favorite brands in Minneapolis. It is not a surprise because the brand takes pride in using ingredients locally harvested in Jalisco to make their tequilas. The beverages are collectively known for having just the right blends of flavors, right alcohol content, and temperature made through time-tested processes. This family-owned distillery is honored to be listed as one of Minneapolis’ finest tequilas.


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Revel Spirits

Revel Spirits


Since 2012, Revel Spirits has been crafting premium tequilas from Pure Agave cultivated in mineral-rich lands. Just like the others in the market, the Agave is handcrafted and follows a distinct process to create their smooth and classic tastes. They have several brands on the line, but the flagship brand is known as Revel Avila. Tequilas under this brand are made from Weber Blue Agave in Morelos. It consists of Añejo, Blanco, and Reposado.


The Fun Continues With Summer Tequila

The fun never stops, as you can experience more tequila in an educational Winter time affair at the 2019 Winter Tequila Tasting Festival happening Indianapolis. Tickets are selling out fast so make sure to secure your slot by visiting BeSocialScene.com

This two-hour spirits tasting event will feature the top whiskey brands; signature and classic cocktails, and VIP ticket holders will receive some fun giveaways. Discounts are also in for the tickets, and make sure to use discount code DWF (Drink With Friends) upon checkout.


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