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#2018WinterTequilaRecap: St. Louis' Top Brands


St. Louis is not trailing behind Missouri when it comes to great-tasting tequila. Mobile app Foursquare lists down the best places in St. Louis to sip tequila, after all, the area values this liquor as much as its values its history. There are several Mexican restaurants in the city that serve the beverage. The list includes Lily’s Mexican Restaurant, Mission Taco Joint, and Rosalita’s Cantina.

More than these, there are also bars that store the best tequila brands within its shelves. One of these bars is Molly’s Soulard which also became the official venue for the 2018 Winter Tequila Festival organized in partnership with Social Scene. The best moments were captured with each glass served right in front of the attendees, as they took sips and conversed with one another.


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1. Cabo Wabo

Cabo Wabo Best spirits brands

The attendees voted for what they thought were the best labels of the night. The first on their list was Cabo Wabo, a celebrity-owned brand that embodies “living free, working hard, and playing harder.”

After all, tequila has been concocted for these purposes. American rock vocalist and songwriter Samuel Hagar founded the brand and pegged its creation after his very own personality. It serves anejo, blanco, and reposado.


2. Exotico Tequila

Best spirits brands best tequila brands

Exotico Tequila came out as one of the top choices during the tasting event in St. Louis. It had an immerse share of publicity in the recently concluded 2018 Winter Tequila Festival. Even in other cities where it was served, Exotico was clearly well-loved.

Their tequilas were crafted to raise the drinkers’ expectations about what a good-tasting tequila is all about. It says, “Like the colorful sugar skull suggests, all good spirits and all good things shall rise.” 


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The label’s version of reposado is a blend of dry fruits, spices and vanilla with hints of caramel and cinnamon. Meanwhile, Exotico’s blanco is premium, unaged 100 percent blue agave harvested in Jalisco, where every sip is meant to elevate the entire experience.


3. Milagro

Tequila brands Milagro

Milagro made it twice as the chosen best brand in the tasting event. Both the participants in the Indianapolis and St. Louis tasting events picked Milagro out of their other options.

Aside from the quality of the liquor, the bottle captures modern tastes with shapes and colors that will certainly capture attention. Apart from these, the company also connects with various mural artists to improve its brand image.


Social Scene is preparing more events just for you. Since you loved the way tequilas were served in the tasting event, more of these kinds will happen in coming months. In March, Walking and Trolley Bar Crawls, and Whiskey Festivals are happening in Chicago, Denver, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, and St. Louis. Watch out for another tequila festival in 2019!








Photo Cover From: https://www.hungryforever.com/top-10-tequila-brands-india/



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