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Should You Serve Tequila At Your Wedding?


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Tequila is the hipster of formal events, the odd-one-out, or the outcast. This is mainly because the mainstays during such occasions are wines, champagnes, or brandy. But a lot of individuals do not forego this drink because of its strong flavor and the “it” factor. When you are about to organize your wedding, should you serve tequila?


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It’s Okay To Have Wedding Tequilas

Tequila, despite all its distinct qualities, has fortunately made it to the list of acceptable wedding booze – at least according to Jeffrey Morgenthaler, a bar manager from Portland. He said that the five bottles you need at the wedding include gin, vodka, bourbon, scotch, and tequila. 

This alcoholic beverage from Mexico has also made it to the list of wine consultant Tyler Haas. However, he pointed out that a full wedding bar should be diverse yet limited with only two white liquors – tequila included – two brown liquors, some beer, and a couple of wine brands. 


Some Wedding Tequila Tips 

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Now that experts have given the go signal for the tequila at the wedding party, it is time to make your choice. Understanding some essential tips before you lay down the final plan is necessary to live by event standards when it comes to serving the drink.


1. Know Your Guests’ Preferences

As much as you want to plunge your guests deep into the free-flowing drinks, there might be some who will be satisfied with the glass of fruit juice. The first consideration on this aspect is the preference of your visitors. You’ve heard of stories of family members pretending to drink the glass of champagne as the toast begins and handing it over to the server after fulfilling their ceremonial duties. Or those who prefer to be served iced tea during the toast instead of real wine. There are weddings where guests are willing to explore on alcohols and also others that want to stay low key.


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2. Choose The Type Of Bar

The wedding after-party usually makes way for a bar that bartenders and mixologists operate. But depending on the budget of the couple, there are various types of bars to choose from. The open bar is the most expensive type since the organizers have shouldered the expenses thus, providing the guests with unlimited drinks. If you prefer not to shell out money for it, you may opt to have a cash bar where guests pay for the drinks they want to consume. But some guests jeer the way cash bars go, so organizers instead go for the so-called limited bar where they still get to pay for the entire drinks but the amount served is controlled. 


3. Participate In Tequila Tasting Events

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The idea here is to see for yourself. One of the best and probably the most effective ways to find the right tequila at your weddings is to participate in a tasting event near you. This is where you’ll meet hundreds of different connoisseurs – passionate tequila lovers, hobbyists, and social drinkers – but everybody has the common goal to experience many tequila varieties. It will be nice to be a great addition into the circle as someone looking for good booze for your wedding, and you’ll also get to seek expert advice.


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