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Tequila Tasting Notes: Featuring Campo Bravo Tequila

Campo Bravo Tequila aspires to unleash a wild taste from within. It’s a farm-to-bottle brand that is proud to incorporate quality in each expression they produce. The distillery gets 100% of its blue weber agave from their own backyard. Yes, they have their own estate-grown agave!



Campo Bravo stems from tradition

(Photo from David García Sandoval via unsplash.com)

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The name Campo Bravo means “Brave Field”. This was coined by fifth-generation agave farmers who sought to make the best tequila anyone had ever tasted. They make sure that each bottle is instilled with quality, character, and tradition. Campo Bravo Tequila is a brand that is out there to express and impress!


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Reaching Beyond Mexico

Campo Bravo Tequila is produced by Mexico’s Grupo PSA. They offer 100% agave tequila products such as the Tequila Plata. It has recently been acquired by Milestone Brands LLC, and import in the US was nationally launched in January 2020. They are ready to serve the US market!



Campo Bravo offers a unique taste designed for modern tequila lovers

(Photo from Francisco Galarza via unsplash.com)

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According to the founder and CEO of Milestone Brands, Eric Dopkins, Campo Bravo is a brand that will exceed expectations in its quality, packaging, and value. The brand’s bottles are designed by Stranger & Stranger, which adds a modern Mexican twist to each one. This is why you’ll find such intricacy in the design and a howling wolf on the label.

Kicking it Off With Plata, Campo Bravo’s “Wolf” Tequila

Together with its Texas-based supplier, Campo Bravo Tequila begins with its “Plata” expression. This silver tequila is distributed at Raley’s Supermarkets, Publix, Walmart, and Twin Liquors. They carry an SRP of $19.99 to $21.99, which will vary depending on which store you buy from.

The partnership between Campo Bravo Tequila and Milestone Brands isn’t just about business—it’s about sharing their love for tequila with a much wider audience. By reaching a bigger market, more people are able to taste and appreciate what Campo Bravo Tequila has to offer.


Tequila Plata 


Expect a celebration of flavors with herbal tones and spices

(Photo from @campobravotequila Instagram page)

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Tequila Plata or “The Wolf” was created as a symbol of guardianship. The wolf is known to represent the spirit of loyalty and strong instincts. This expression teaches you to trust your heart and mind. It’s a drink that encourages you to gain control over your life.

The Tequila Plata is about 40% ABV or 80 proof. It’s a full-bodied drink that appears luminous and crystalline with a nose of citrus, white chocolate, and vanilla. The palate plays around with flavors of grapefruit, lemon, and black pepper.


What’s in Store for Campo Bravo Tequila?

There’s a lot in the works for Campo Bravo Tequila through its joint venture with Milestone Brands as they work together to bring 100% agave tequila to all parts of the US. As tequila continues to be one of the fastest-growing drinks in the spirits category, a rise in digits is expected. Founder and president of Grupo PSA and global producer of agave nectar Roberto Cipres has expressed his excitement for the brand’s future in the US.

Where to Buy Links




Twin Liquors

Raley’s Supermarkets

Spec’s Wines, Spirits, Finer Foods

SoCal Wine & Spirits, Tustin, CA

Maine Spirits, Gardiner, ME

BevMo, Concord, CA

Rollers Spirits Wine & Cheese, Hilton Head Island, SC

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