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Top Ten All Time Favorite Tequila Cocktails

“Margarita, or maybe just straight.
When you need a kick, añejo is great.
Reposado, silver, as long as it’s pure.
100% agave, you gotta be sure!”

That line was from a jazzy song called “We Like Tequila” from Tortured Soul.

This song, and many others, are just mere expressions of how people love that drink extracted out from the agave. What makes tequila so popular is that its sweet, earthy taste adds sweetness and character into a variety of drinks and mixers.

It is true that there are a number of tequila cocktails out there but in this list we have gathered the most popular tequila cocktails of all time. Check this out to see if your favorite cocktail has made it onto our list.


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1. Bloody Aztec

       Primary alcohol: Tequila
                     Served: Choice of "straight up" or "On the rocks"
    Standard garnish: 2 Maraschino cherries on a skewer or Lemon twist
Standard Drinkware: Cocktail Glass (Martini)

Make your next gathering come alive by offering this awesome tequila cocktail to your guests. Bloody Aztec, as opposed to the Bloody Mary, uses red food coloring in place of tomato, and tequila instead of vodka as its alcohol base. Create this one of a kind and refreshing adult beverage with this recipe.


2. Brave Bull


       Primary alcohol: Tequila
                     Served: On the Rocks; Poured over Ice
Standard Drinkware: Rocks Glass

The question that comes to mind when drinking the Brave Bull is “who knew tequila and coffee go well together?” That’s right, it does. In fact, it is reminiscent with the Black Russian. But instead of vodka, its main alcohol is tequila. See a Kahlua video of this Mexican-ified Black Russian.


3. Chimayo


        Primary alcohol: Tequila
                      Served: On the Rocks; Poured over Ice
     Standard garnish: Slice of Unpeeled Apple
Standard Drinkware: Highball Glass


In 1965, in the restaurant kitchen of Rancho de Chimayó, the Chimayó cocktail was born. Restaurant owner and creator of the Chimayó cocktail, Arturo Jaramillo, mixed tequila with an apple cider based drink. According to this WikiPedia article, legend has it that this restaurateur was looking for a good use for the extra apples he had (apples are plentiful in the Chimayó valley).


4. Juan Collins

       Primary alcohol: Tequila
                      Served: On the Rocks; Poured over Ice
     Standard garnish: Lime wedge and Maraschino cherry
Standard Drinkware: Collins Glass

If you want to highlight the delicious taste of tequila in a cocktail, this drink will do you justice. This tequila mixed cocktail consists of the main alcohol ingredient, tequila, followed by lime juice, sugar (or some other sweetening agent), and club soda. Want to try this at home? Get the recipe from The Spruce Eats.


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5. Long Island Iced Tea

        Primary alcohol: Tequila, Gin, Rum, Vodka, and Triple sec
                      Served: On the Rocks; Poured over Ice
Standard Drinkware:  Highball Glass

If looks can be deceiving, this drink can too. It may look like your average non-alcoholic iced tea but in fact, this tequila cocktail has a much higher alcohol concentration than most highball drinks according to Wikipedia. If you want a shot in creating this temptation of a libation, this recipe is a good one.


6. Margarita

        Primary alcohol: Tequila
                      Served: On the Rocks; Poured over Ice
     Standard garnish: Salt on the Rim
Standard Drinkware: Margarita Glass


A traditional margarita cocktail contains tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur (or triple sec) usually served with salt on the rim of the glass. This can be served on the rocks (or with ice), straight up (or without ice), or in a frozen margarita (ice shaved or crushed then blended with the cocktail).

Margarita is a remake of the brandy cocktail called Daisy (“daisy” in Spanish is “margarita”). Margaritas became extremely popular during the Prohibition era where other alcoholic drinks like brandy, rum, whiskey, and others were disallowed. Among all the tequila cocktails, the margarita is the most well-known. 


7. Matador

       Primary alcohol: Tequila
                     Served: Shaken
    Standard garnish: Lime Slice or Twist
Standard Drinkware: Cocktail Glass

Mix three of these Mexican exports: tequila, lime, and pineapple and what do you get? You get the Matador! It may not be as popular as the Margarita, but this tequila cocktail tastes as good because the tequila and lime are working their magic. How to make one? Follow this recipe.


8. Paloma

       Primary alcohol: Tequila
                      Served: On the Rocks; Poured over Ice
     Standard garnish: Lime wedge
Standard Drinkware: Highball Glass

Paloma TequilaPaloma

One of the most easiest cocktails to prepare, the paloma (or "dove" in Spanish) is one of the tequila mixed drinks that you will certainly love. This drink is usually made by mixing tequila with a grapefruit-flavored soda and then served with ice and a lime wedge on the side of the glass.


9. Tequila Slammer

       Primary alcohol: Tequila
                      Served: Straight Up; Without Ice
Standard Drinkware: Rocks Glass


A Tequila Slammer, or mópet as it's called in Mexico, is a tequila cocktail served in a rocks glass. This infamous drink got its name from the way it is made: by SLAMMING it on to the table! How to create this drink, you say? Check out this video. Or better yet, add an extra fizz in your next party by creating this tequila mixed drink with this recipe.


10. Tequila Sunrise

       Primary alcohol: Tequila
                     Served: On the rocks; Poured over ice
    Standard garnish: Orange Slice Maraschino Cherry
Standard Drinkware: Collins Glass

Another famous tequila cocktail is the tequila sunrise. Tequila Sunrise is basically a cocktail made of tequila with orange juice and grenadine syrup, served unmixed in a tall glass. Tequila Sunrise got its name after its appearance because when served, its beautiful nuances of hues and colors are like that of a sunrise.


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¡Algo mas!

This list is just a tip of the iceberg to the world of terrific tequila. There are tons of tequila cocktails out there and more are waiting to be discovered. If you truly enjoy tequila, head on to a tequila tasting event nearest you.

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