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2018 Fall Whiskey Tasting Festival Recap: Top Brands

The 2018 Fall Whiskey Tasting Festival was a great success in various cities on September 29th. Social Scene partnered with different venues to gather brand representatives and attendees to enjoy the event. Attendees got the chance to vote for their favorite brands. Here’s a recap and a list of favorite brands in each city:

Whiskey drinks collection

Whiskey drinks collection



Basil Hayden’s

First on the list of chosen brands in the Windy City is Basil Hayden’s. Basil Hayden’s has various bourbon brands which they presented during the event, including their Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The aroma has hints of spices, tea, and flavors of peppermint for a finish that’s dry and clean.

The brand dates back to around 1790s, when master distiller Basil Hayden mixed small grains with the mash. There are also well-balanced and spicy tastes with herbs, peppermints, and fruity flavors.


Bronco Bourbon

Attendees at the 2018 Chicago Fall Whiskey Tasting Festival also took notice of Bronco Bourbon during the event. Bronco Bourbon is in a category and class of wines and spirits. The event ended with this inspiring brand captivating the attention of attendees, raising their motivation to move forward through the day, loving those moments building relationships with one another.


Whiskey Acres

Whiskey Acres is a brand that offers rye, straight bourbon, and vodka, not to mention their artisan series. Their series are created from tasting rooms, one of the most in-demand in Illinois and across nearby cities. One of their offerings, the straight bourbon, uses wheat as secondary grain for a softer spirit.

They also presented another part of the series, a bourbon concocted with blue popcorn, a fine flavor mix that became the highlight of the experience during the event.


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Vokin Vodka

The brand Vokin Vodka is made from grain grown from the Midwest and includes freshwater from the Great Lakes, using six times distillation. There is no surprise that the tradition of drinking these types of beverages have been loved throughout the old world and has become modern in its aspect.

Whiskey bottles on a table

Whiskey bottles on a table




Herman Marshall

Dallas also presented a series of best brands chosen by the attendees. Owners of the brand, Herman Beckley and Marshall Louis, represent the vanguard of Dallas craft distilling. This distillery was founded in the late years of the decade, and tells an amazing story that has gained popularity in several events like the 2018 Dallas Fall Whiskey Tasting Festival. Anticipate potentially seeing Herman Marshall at an upcoming Social Scene gathering.


Title 21

Title 21 is also part of the Prohibition period, the moment when the country cried for their demand for more whiskey. Thus, born the brand. This allowed the presentation of small-batch high-quality whiskey to start over again. Among its brands include Title No. 21 American Whiskey, Title No. 21 Bourbon, and Title No. 21 Rye.

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Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve once again brought their products for the attendees to taste at the 2018 Fall Whiskey Tasting Festival. The distillery is home to a 500-foot-long gravity-fed barrel run, with copper pot stills and fermenters. They also ensure that their drops are produced using iconic copper pot stills and cypress wood fermenters which ensure that audiences get the tastes that they deserve.


Woodford Reserve

Pouring of libations




IdleWild Spirits

Driving to the top place in the 2018 Fall Whiskey Tasting Festival is IdleWild Spirits. Fast to reach the top, this spirits brand presents itself among the best in the industry. Their best brands include Idle Series, Wild Series, and various other mixes for the drinks as you have been familiar with -- vanilla, vodka, gin, rum, gin, whiskey, and others.


Ol Major Bacon and Bourbon

There’s also Ol Major Bacon and Bourbon as a brand that dared to become bold in the beverage exchange industry. This takes two of America’s best assets and challenges the boundaries of their craft by blending the world’s originally-bottled bourbon made from bacon. The balance of sweetness and savory goodness attracted and appealed to attendees and let them grow to indulge in a tasteful experience.



Heavy drinkers of whiskey loved Weaver’s and picked them from the various collections presented to see them listed on the top brands of the Fall Whiskey Tasting Festival. Liberating themselves from the common whiskeys is Weaver’s who made it to the group of these brands listed above. Their products include American Light Whiskey, Bourbon, Rye Whiskey, and Single Malt.


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Photos from Unsplash

Photos from Unsplash




11 Wells

In Minneapolis, locally-made spirits which included 11 Wells have made it to the list of the 2018 Fall Whiskey Tasting Festival top brands. It has become part of the “revitalization of the Payne Avenue Corridor” and other parts of the community which has helped seek the roots of where it started. The distillery is found in buildings past the site and home to facilities, their tasting room and gift shop.


Bentbrew Distillery

Minneapolis locals also voted for Bentbrew Distillery after they tasted the set of beverages served for them. The distillery’s website states, “There are lots of competitors in this industry, but we know our customers are primarily attracted to a beer’s flavor and quality.”

The tastes lingered and provided an experience which elevated the brand connection and education to the attendees. Their market is young and hip individuals balancing contemporary modern American styles.



The moment Larceny was served, it was impactful and they emerged as champs. Drink enthusiasts never missed out on this amazing taste and who would not give this a go? It’s made from the best ingredients and the most detailed processes to create a smooth character.


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