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Bars and Venues - 2018 St. Pat's Whiskey Festival

Whiskey always goes well with a nice setting to drink it in. Whether it is about attending a whiskey tasting event with your closest friends or with your loved ones, the bars hosting such a gathering play an important role in making the experience unforgettable.

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2019 Denver St Patrick's Day Bar Crawl

In 2019, six cities in the United States are gearing up for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration that will engage your senses to free-flowing drinks and fantastic bar crawl stops. Part of the celebration is the 20198 St. Pat’s Whiskey Festival hosted by brands and venues, in partnership with Social Scene. #StPatsWhiskeyFestival.

Check out the hosting venues from 2018 below:

The Ginn Mill - Denver, Colorado

The Ginn Mill - Denver, Colorado

If you are too excited about St. Patrick’s Day, Social Scene is here to take you to an eve of whiskey, concoctions and all the much-awaited fun prior to the actual date of the holiday. Denver revelers for the Irish holiday are gathering at The Ginn Mill located at 2041 Larimer St. in Denver, Colorado.


Kick off the St. Patrick’s festivities at The Ginn Mill, a simple yet extraordinary drinking spot in the area that is meant for a gathering of friends and creating lasting memories.

Larimer Street takes pride in this venue that does not categorize itself as an “elite, VIP club.” The Ginn Mill website boasts, it is a “low-key, friendly drinking spot” suited for the easy-going attitude and the lighter scale of things. 


Lion Head Pub - Chicago, Illinois

Lion Head Pub - Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is getting ready for not just one, but two outstanding venues to host the whiskey tasting event for the Irish holiday. If you are in for top-notch food and great service, then head over to Lion Head Pub located at 2251 N Lincoln Ave. As one of the best known sports pub among the locals, Lion Head Pub takes pride in a food menu that is classic yet always offering something new to the taste.

Sip whiskey with a great selection of their famous wings, burgers and a range of drafts, microbrews, domestic liquor and imported labels.


Tobacco Road Tap Room - Chicago, Illinois

Tobacco Road Tap Room - Chicago, Illinois

The 2018 Chicago St. Pat’s Whiskey Festival has also selected a second venue for the event. Tobacco Road Tap Room at 2249 N Lincoln Ave. which is literally just a few steps away from Lion Head Pub which will also be serving whiskey from different brands in the nation.

Tobacco Road Tap Room is the city’s first sports pub to associate itself with a collegiate athletic conference, that is, the Atlantic Coast Conference. Located in the heart of Lincoln Park, the bar features elevated, authentic food specials and drinks coming from the areas of the Carolinas and the Atlantic Coast. Start your journey with whiskey on the 17th of March at 10:00 a.m. and the event will end at 12:00 p.m. CDT.


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Lucas Park Grille - St. Louis, Missouri

Lucas Park Grille - St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis is taking you on an upscale dining and drinking experience at the whiskey tasting event for St. Patrick’s. With Lucas Park Grille as the featured venue, you will get to know why it was named by Sauce Magazine as the “Place to See and Be Seen,” perfect enough to carry the vision of the Social Scene brand.

Enjoy the ambience of their 25-foot loft-style ceiling with three fireplace-lit dining rooms for an unmatched experience during the afternoon of tasting. The cafe-style interiors also highlight a candlelit ambience with lounge areas ideal for any occasion. The two-hour event will start from 1:00 p.m. and end at 3:00 p.m. CDT.


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2019 Denver St Patrick's Day Bar Crawl

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