2018 Summer Whiskey Tasting Festival Recap: Chicago's Top Brands


Summer Whiskey Tasting Festival Chicago Top Brands


It was unlike any other day at Concrete Cowboy and Cuvee Chicago as hundreds of drinking enthusiasts enjoyed the best whiskey brands. The 2018 Summer Whiskey Festival truly kicked off summer with a blast.

The event was a two-hour whiskey tasting festival with additional time provided for the VIPs. There were food and drink specials, VIP perks, and more surprises. Apart from enjoying their time, attendees had the chance to vote for their favorite whiskey brands. Out of the 19 brands on the list, only three emerged on top. Here’s the big reveal from Social Scene.


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Maker’s Mark


Chicago Top Brands Maker's Mark


Maker’s Mark has all the characteristics that make it “a designer label that’s never out of style,” says on its official website.

The brand’s founder, Bill Samuels Sr. made use of the 170-year-old recipe -- worth over a century -- to produce their whiskey products for the mass market.

It all started in the 1950s when Samuels was fascinated with flavored grains in search for a mash bill that would then be part of his original recipe. His wanderings led him to replace the usual distiller’s rye with soft, red winter wheat.

These ingredients manifest through the taste of the brand’s products. Plus, it is literally handmade. The distillers manually rotate 500-pound barrels to make sure that these containers are exposed in various temperatures throughout the process.

Aside from the classic Maker’s Mark whiskey, they have other varieties including Maker’s 46, Cask Strength, and Private Select.


Still House


Chicago Top Brands Still House


Still House is very direct in its approach. The brand may have a limited set of varieties from their collection -- generally just two -- but there are several reasons why attendees at the 2018 Chicago Summer Whiskey Tasting Festival Recap chose Still House as their favorite.

Guests looked for the extraordinary brand with a personality, and Still House definitely beat their competitors on this aspect. The Original Whiskey is made from corn that is filtered through charcoal.

If you are lover of moonshine, this is a must-try. On the other hand, the Black Bourbon is the brand’s dark horse. Think about it as their wild side, as the drink presents a proprietary mix of barley, corn, and rye.


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Union Horse


Chicago Top Brands Union Horse


Union Horse Distilling Company has been featured several times on BeSocialScene.com, and right now it has been chosen by the fans as one of the top whiskey brands in Chicago.

Union Horse is a grain to bottle whiskey distillery, processing local ingredients into barrels and bottles, with everything done in-house. Their products, Reunion Straight Rye and Reserve Straight Bourbon, are made in detail as they are hand numbered and signed by their master distiller, Patrick Garcia.

From Kansas City in Missouri, to Chicago in Illinois, they were very proud to have showcased their flavors during the event. There you have it, the top brands in the summer whiskey tasting festival.


The 2019 Summer Whiskey Tasting Festival

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