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5 Local Brands of Whiskey in Chicago You Should Try

Whiskey holds an interesting history more than you can imagine. Great things just can’t be rushed just like how whiskeys are produced.

Since Chicago and its locals has a deep passion for all things whiskey – there also comes various brands of whiskey – each with unifying characteristics popping here and there in the city, perfect for all whiskey drinkers.

Join us as Social Scene shares the top 5 local whiskey brands in Chicago.


Chicago Distilling Co.


Chicago Distilling Co.

Caption: Chicago Distillery Co. spirits and canned cocktails. Photo via Facebook page.


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This Whiskey brand has gained an insurmountable amount of following since it was opened in 2014. From just clear spirits handmade from Illinois grains, owners Vic DiPrizio, his brother Jay and wife Noelle, now added a series of single-malt-style whiskies, its 90-proof and 9-month-aged bourbon, called Blind Tiger which arrived in 2016.

Talk about creative packaging, Chicago Distilling Co. takes pride in their canned cocktails created by their team.

Chicago Distilling Co. is also included on Top Whiskey Tours You Should Try in Chicago. nFor more information and other offering, visit www.chicagodistilling.com.


FEW Spirits


FEW Spirits

 Caption: Must-try FEW Spirits products. Photo via Facebook page.


This brand is a no stranger to the whiskey industry. From bourbon whiskey, rye whiskey, to barrel and American gin, name it and FEW Spirits has everything just for you. As a treat and for guests to know more about their product, arrange to learn more about their history and products, visit www.fewspirits.com.



Koval Distillery


Koval Distillery

 Caption: Koval, one of Chicago’s Whiskey brand. Photo via Facebook page.


Koval Distillery is included in our list of Top Whiskey Distilleries in and around Chicago.

They produce the best brands when in comes to quality whiskeys and spirits. They use bourbon, four-grain, millet and oat to ensure their signature flavor. Plus, they were even recognized as Whisky Magazine’s One of the 100 Best Distilleries to Visit in the World.


Letherbee Distillers


Letherbee Distillers

 Caption: Letherbee’s array of products. Photo via Facebook page.

Here’s one of Chicago’s famed distillies - the Letherbee Distillery, whose brand isn’t only known in the city, but is now distributed in Europe. They’re known for producing seasonal treats in the form of vernal and autumnal gin, as well as barrel-aged absinthe, inspired by Ransom gin.

More of this when you visit their website at www.letherbee.com.


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North Shore Distillery


North Shore Distillery

Caption: North Sore Distillery’s commemorative bottle. Photo via Facebook page.


Critically-acclaimed for producing high-quality spirits, North Shore Distillery is an artisan distillery known for experimenting and using tons of botanicals for their cocktails. This distillery believes that great whiskey takes time, which is why they made use of the malted barley, fermented, then distilled through Ethel the Still. Afterwards, it’s filled with some full-size used bourbon barrels with it, and let them sit in their distillery for years.


If you want to know more about their spirits and attend their cocktail classes, you may visit them at northshoredistillery.com.


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