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Cool Pairing and Food Ideas With Whiskey

They say that great food is always paired with great wine, but are you tired of your usual wine to food matching? Level up your next food bash and pair your scrumptious meals with a bottle of whiskey.

Do you know that whiskey has the power to bring out the excellent flavors of the food that it is paired with? Let us show you how:





Choose your preferred steak cut and have some whiskey with the “man’s meal.” There is nothing like a perfect glass of whiskey to go with a seared crust on a steak.


Social Scene Tip: Pair your delicious steak with a rich and full-bodied single malt Scotch whisky such as Macallan. Also, the steak should be prepared medium rare or, at the most, medium to get that maximum taste.


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Pulled pork is a summertime favorite. The daring and bold flavors of this classic Southern dish is excellent with whiskey. 


Social Scene Tip: Match the intense flavors of the Pulled Pork with a light and airy-flavored whiskey, such as bourbon or Tennessee whiskey.



The creamy, yet crunchy, pecan pie is a favorite dessert in any after Thanksgiving Dinner. It is also splendid when it is paired with whiskey, like an American whiskey. It may burn a little, but the sweetness of the pecan pie compensates for it. (https://blog.bottlesfinewine.com/pecan-pie-recipe-wine-pairing/)


Social Scene Tip: If you wish to have another alternative of an American whiskey, a single malt whiskey like Balvenie Madeira will go beautifully with your pecan pie.




Do you love cheese? Or maybe you are planning a cheese party? Shake things up a little by throwing a whiskey and cheese party! For a piece of cheese that possesses a strong flavor, equal it with the smokey or spicy Scotch whisky like Laphroaig. https://www.bottlenotes.com/the-proof/pairing-whiskey-and-cheese/ Goat cheese is excellent when it is paired with a youthful, citrus-led whiskey like Ailsa Bay for contrast. For a softer cheese like brie, try the sweeter whiskey variety such as Glenmorangie. https://blog.thewhiskyexchange.com/2017/03/whisky-and-food-pairing-guide-cheese/



Social Scene Tip: When pairing whiskey with cheese, it is always good to remember the basic rules of wine pairing: pair like-with-like flavors or go for contrast. This rule works for whiskey too.


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Want to be more adventurous? Try sushi with whiskey. A light, fruity Japanese whiskey like Yamazaki goes well with salmon and tuna sushi and sashimi dishes.


Social Scene Tip: Ardbeg Scotch is also advisable when having sushi due to its salty quality. (https://www.buzzfeed.com/justinabarca/whiskey-and-food-pairings-that-will-make-your-mouth-water?utm_term=.ad5Djj852#.tqg844prd)






What is a party without topping it off with chocolate? This sinful yet divine comfort food is loved by all and is also marvelous with whiskey. Traditionally, whiskey is partnered with dark chocolate. The bitter and persistent taste of the dark chocolate is counterbalanced by a smooth, sweet whiskey like Jameson Irish Whiskey. (https://drizly.com/whiskey-chocolate-pairing-guide/e-8f98987daaa20068)


Social Scene Tip: Got white chocolate? Single malt, smoky whiskeys are best paired with this type of chocolate.


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