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Top Whiskey Brands In Dallas And Nearby Cities

Here’s some Social Scene trivia -- the Texas state name is derived from the Spanish word “Tejas,” as the letters and pronunciation are interchangeable in this language. Despite so much Spanish heritage found in this state you may immediately think about tequila, but whiskey has also been part of Texas culture, particularly Dallas.

Social Scene has consulted with experts to find out the top whiskey brands in Dallas. Find out which brands are recommended for your drinking pleasures. It’s time for Dallas, Texas to show their might!


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1. Baby Blue - Balcones Distilling


Some of the whiskey distilleries in Texas have opened very recently, but that does not stop them from showing what they can add to the market. For instance, Balcones Distilling’s Baby Blue is one of their many products that have earned more than 200 awards in various cities in America. Baby Blue is made from roasted blue corn. The taste includes tropical fruits, apricot, brown sugar, lemon infused with tea, and some smoked chilis.


2. Kooper Family Rye - Kooper Family Whiskey Co.

Kooper Family Whiskey Co. is a family-owned distillery that started making waves in the local scene back in 2015. Kooper Family Rye has an aroma of rye spice with hints of apples, raisins, butter, caramel, and even yellow cake; believe it or not. The taste is composed of flavors of brown sugar, dark fruit, mint, sandalwood, and tobacco. Expect to get flavors of caramel apple, toffee, and vanilla among many others in a very soft and mellow finish.


3. Rebecca Creek Whiskey - Rebecca Creek Distillery


Rebecca Creek Whiskey is a classic from the distillery that comes from the same name. The beverage is a blend of aged bourbons, spirits made from corn, and water filtered by limestone from the Edwards Aquifer. The spirit is made with the use of premium bourbon blends, 75 percent yellow corn, 21 percent rye, and four percent two-row malted barley.


4. Single Barrel Bourbon - Red River Whiskey

With so much personality from this distillery, Red River Whiskey crafts and bottles its products in Pilot Point, Texas. A portion of the sales profits is donated to Native Texas Wildlife Conservation. The Single Barrel Bourbon is well-loved in the locality, as well as the other variants. They also have Texas Bourbon Whiskey, Bourbon Cream Liqueur, Texas Rye Whiskey, and Canadian Style Whiskey.


5. Small Caliber .44 Rye - Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling

Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling’s, Small Caliber .44 Rye, is 100 percent rye whiskey aged in old bourbon barrels. The process makes way for a taste that is strong with hints of cloves and tobacco. Overall, it gives drinkers the warm finish with notes of bread crust.


6. Temptress Single Malt - Herman Marshall

Temptress Single Malt comes from a Dallas County-based distillery that is touted to be the first whiskey distillery in the area. Back in 2008, distillers Herman Beckley and Marshall Louis started to make whiskeys made from the best ingredients and have since garnered accolades from across the state. Temptress Single Malt is a blend of their distinct whiskey and the Temptress Milk Stout from a brewery nearby.


7. Texas Rye - Balcones Distilling


Balcones Distilling’s Texas Rye has an aroma made in black tea, cracked pepper, chocolate covered cherries and soft charred oak. The tasting notes include hints of coffee, nuts, and buttery toffee.The taste is also strong and with a smooth finish made with notes of dark chocolate and peanut butter.


8. Texas Straight Bourbon - Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co.

Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co.’s Texas Straight Bourbon is the epitome of grace and smoothness. Their straight bourbon is made with the state’s soft red winter wheat, their own yeast strain from Texas pecan known as the “Brazos,” Texas water, and six-row distillers malt. The owners are also from North Texas, Leonard Firestone, and Troy Robertson.


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