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Denver's Top 10 Whiskey Bars


Top Whiskey Bars Denver

Denver in Colorado has always been among the places where the best-tasting whiskey can be found. The hunger of European colonizers for the region’s Gold Rush was matched with a thirst for whiskey. In fact, The Denver Post reports that whiskey remains the driving force behind the state’s ever-growing craft distilling scene.

Social Scene begins its Denver series with the Top 10 whiskey bars in the city. From the classic ones to the “secret, speakeasy bars” according to Thrillist, here are the iconic venues that you should add to your bucket list.


1. Rackhouse Pub

Rackhouse Pub, which offers a tasting room for Denver’s premiere producers of liquor, has been listed by Thrillist as one of the Best Whiskey Bars In America along with those in New York City and Los Angeles. It is one of the few areas in Colorado that lets guests try a rare whiskey aged in wine barrels known as Snowflake. The whiskey has been well-known as a warm source for Colorado locals during the cold weather.

The pub’s menu emphasizes their connection with their resident production partners. They serve cocktails in their rooms that could be a hub for events that could accommodate up to 300 participants. 2875 Blake St, Denver, CO 80205


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2. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is a bar that has more than 90 whiskeys, along with their handcrafted cocktails, beer taps and food specials. Inspired by a movie of the same title, the bar’s selection of liquor is paired with an unparalleled ambience tailored to suit each taste and experience of the visitors as they socialize. 2907 Huron St, Denver, CO 80202

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Pints Pub


3. Pints Pub

Artisanal is Pints Pub’s middle name. When it comes to artisan brews, exceptional whiskey, and good food, this traditional brew pub established in 1993 comes as a major option. It is distinct among critics because of its single malt whisky that is one of the world’s best. Aside from the Irish liquor, Pints Pub also prepares the best food pairings, along with beer and handcrafted ales considered rare in the country. 221 W 13th Ave, Denver, CO 80204


4. Colt & Gray

Here is where sumptuous dining comes with high-quality booze. Colt & Gray is the epitome of chef-recommended selections and liquor that goes with each course. It serves the old-fashioned bourbon and rye whiskey, and rye in Manhattan style. If you are visiting the place for more drinks, you can also try out wines such as Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc from the menu.

Unlike most whiskey bars in Denver, Colt & Gray gives you a taste of class. The menu also has salad plates, seasonal entrées, meat, desserts, and sides such as Ratatouille. 1553 Platte St, Denver, CO 80202


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5. Block & Larder

A neighborhood bar and grill infused with modernity, Block & Larder features a wide collection of whiskeys, bourbons and scotches along with a food menu of its in-house butchery and healthy fares. The location is enclosed in a building that has been originally constructed in the 1930s but was re-imagined to provide a modern touch to the interiors while retaining the original furnishing such as ceiling made of tin and hardwood flooring. 4000 Tennyson St #101, Denver, CO 80212


6. Hearth & Dram

Hearth & Dram deserves a spot in this top 10 list because of the way it serves the finest whiskeys in town. It is a rustic-themed American restaurant and modernized saloon that retains tradition with wood-fire cooking that exemplifies the history of Denver.

Part of the food choices include beef tartare with toast, preserved egg yolk and sunflower oil, Chicken Liver Mousse, King Salmon, and Strawberry Madeline. It has around 300 selections of whiskey labels from around the globe. 1801 Wewatta St, Denver, CO 80202

Hearth & Dram Williams & Graham


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7. Williams & Graham

Then comes the fun part. Speakeasies remain alive in Colorado with Williams & Graham, a bar that is the best representation of a “restricted area.” Access the “secret place” through a humble-looking bookstore. You only need to tell the receptionist to list your name and one of the bookshelves will swing open to reveal the pathway to the bar. It’s not the bat cave, though.

The liquor selection is also positively overwhelming. Aside from the usual American and Scotch whiskeys served, the menu includes Irish, Canadian, and Japanese whiskeys in different labels. For instance, its Asian line includes Nikka All Malt, Yamazaki, Hibiki, and Hakashu. 3160 Tejon St, Denver, CO 80211


8. ViewHouse Ballpark

If you are a graveyard shift employee or you just want to drink it out during the day, not that it is going to be unusual, head over to Denver as it is also home to daytime drinking spots that will surely fit your taste. ViewHouse has whiskeys along with their lunch menu of creamy salads, fresh sandwiches, and combos.

It offers the Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, Old Forester Whiskey, and Jack Fire Whiskey. It suits a circle of varied tastes as ViewHouse also serves beers and classic cocktails in an outdoor space that gives you the familiar feel of a backyard. 2015 Market Street Denver, CO 80205

Saint Ellie


9. Saint Ellie

Is the conversation getting deep within a group of friends? You might need a space that is more intimate and well, secret. Saint Ellie, the fancier version of Denver’s best whiskey bars, can be accessed by going through a subtly appearing glass door just at the right of Colt & Gray’s entrance. Stairs will take interested drinkers to the basement where the venue is. 1553 Platte St, Denver, CO 80202


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10. Society Sports and Spirits 

Society Sports and Spirits is a well-known sports bar in downtown Denver. They have a full back bar with the best whiskey brands in Colorado, along with both new and local brews. If you are up for an experience to unleash your inner youth, head to Society Sports and Spirits. The official alumni bar of various schools and a meeting point for the Broncos, Steelers, and Texans. 1434 Blake St, Denver, CO 80202




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