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Denver's Top 10 Whiskey Bars

There’s no question that Denver loves its dark spirits. You’ll find plenty of lovable places and hidden gems in this city serving whiskey, rye, bourbon, and more. Come for the selection of spirits, stay for the atmosphere and character of each bar!

If you’re planning on whiskey bar hopping or just hanging out in the best whiskey places, don’t forget to put Denver on your list! Denver has plenty of homegrown and international whiskey brands to offer at waterholes in the city (as well as nearby towns). They don’t only sell it, but they also make it! 

Social Scene gives you the top 10 best whiskey bars in Denver! Never run out of options for drinking spots again! Frequent the places where whiskey lovers thrive! Find out below which whiskey bars are worth paying a visit.


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1. Rocker Spirits

Location: 5587 S Hill St., Littleton, CO 80120



Stocking their shelves with unusual square-bottle whiskeys

(Photo from Rocker Spirits’ Facebook page)

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Rocker Spirits is a distillery with a bar that offers an array of whiskey, rum, vodka, and cocktails. They are known for their innovative Rocker Spirits bottles that take their inspiration from vintage American industry designs.

Expect a great line of creative products made with passion as this distillery charts its own path to success. They are open Wednesday to Saturday from 5 PM to 11 PM and Sunday from 11 AM to 5 PM. For inquiries, call 303-795-7928 or email info@rockerspirits.com.

2. Seven Grand Denver

Location: 1855 Blake St., Ste 160, Denver, CO 80202




Come on over to the bar for whiskey lovers

(Photo from Seven Grand Denver’s Facebook page)

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At Seven Grand Denver, you can stare in awe at their vast collection of bourbon behind the bar. This haven for whiskey lovers has more than 700 whiskeys as well as handcrafted cocktails and local craft beer. The place is built to feel like home and will invite you to stay for hours on end!

Don’t forget to check out the Jackalope Room and enter the complex world of whiskeys. They are open daily from 3 PM to 2 AM. For more information, call 720-863-8975 or email rebecca@pouringwithheart.com.

3.Society Sports And Spirits

Location: 1434 Blake St., Denver, CO 80202



The premier sports destination in Denver

(Photo from Society Sports And Spirits’ Facebook page)

Alt Text - Society_Sports_And_Spirits_Whiskey_Bar_Denver


Known as the premier Colorado sports bar, Society Sports And Spirits is at its best when it comes to gameday and pregame occasions. It’s within walking distance of the Pepsi Center and is a popular destination for sports fans. They offer more than 50 Colorado whiskeys and are considered to be the biggest supplier of Tin Cup in the US.

Enjoy coupons and free shots of Tin Cup whiskey when you visit the bar. They are open Monday to Friday from 4 PM to 2 AM and Saturday and Sunday from 12 PM to 2 AM. Happy Hour runs Monday to Friday from 4 PM to 7 PM. Call 720-465-9830 for inquiries or email 1434blake@gmail.com.

4. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Location: 2907 Huron St., Denver, CO 80202



Serving modern homestyle food with a twist along with whiskey and beer

(Photo from Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’s Facebook page)

Alt Text - Whiskey_Tango_Foxtrot_Whiskey_Bar_Denver


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot offers a diverse menu and an exciting Trivia Night every Tuesday at 7:30 PM. You’ll find a wonderful selection of 90 high-end whiskeys behind the bar, as well as 30 beer taps and featured hand-crafted cocktails. The menu is simple but filled with home-style classics with a modern twist.

Be there when they open Monday to Friday from 11 AM to 1 AM, or catch them on Saturday from 9 AM to 2 AM and Sunday from 9 AM to 1 AM. To find out more, contact 303-226-1540 or mcondreay@tavernhg.com.


5.The Whiskey Biscuit

Location: 3299 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113



Enjoy great food, great whiskey, and great hospitality at the Whiskey Biscuit

(Photo from The Whiskey Biscuit’s Facebook page)

Alt Text - The_Whiskey_Biscuit_Bar_Colorado


At the Whiskey Biscuit, the food and drink is worth every penny! This neighborhood restaurant and bar offers half-price whiskeys on Wednesdays and more. Expect craft beer, spirits, good food, and fun people to hang out with. They are all about building an inclusive environment that welcomes everyone who wants to be part of the growing Whiskey Biscuit community.

Business is open Monday to Tuesday from 3 PM to 10 PM and Wednesday to Friday from 11 AM to 10 PM. They are also open Saturday from 9 AM to 11 PM and Sunday from 9 AM to 10 PM. Call 303-386-3334 for inquiries or email manager@whiskeybiscuit.com.


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6. The Whiskey Bar

Location: 2203 Larimer St., Denver, CO 80238



The Whiskey Bar gives you a local atmosphere unlike any other

(Photo from Whiskey Bar’s Facebook page)

Alt Text - Whiskey_Bar_Denver


The Whiskey Bar specializes in serving over 610 varieties of whiskeys from all over the world. Their selection also includes Colorado beers and more! Every week, the Whiskey Bar gets new bottles, making the whiskey count even more exciting!

Catch them open daily from 4 PM to 2 AM. Happy Hour is every day from 4 PM to 7 PM. For inquiries, call 303-297-0303 email whiskeybardenver@gmail.com.


7.American Bonded

Location: 2706 Larimer St., Denver, CO 80205



Find the best spirits, cocktails, beer, and wine, all at reasonable prices

(Photo from @americanbonded Instagram)

Alt Text - American_Bonded_Whiskey_Bar_Denver


American Bonded serves great beverages at a great value. This neighborhood bar was named after the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897, and their aim is to provide a high-quality experience to guests through amicable and talented bartenders.

Visit the bar Monday to Friday from 4 PM to 2 AM and Saturday and Sunday from noon until 2 AM. Happy Hour runs Monday to Friday from 4 PM to 7 PM. Find out more at 303-942-1201 or info@americanbonded.com.

8.Mile High Spirits

Location: 2201 Lawrence St., Denver, CO 80205



Taste the best Colorado small-batch spirits from Rocky Mountain waters

(Photo from Mile High Spirits’ Facebook page)

Alt Text - Mile_High_Spirits_Whiskey_Bar_Denver


Mile High Spirits is a true Denver distillery and one of the first when it comes to urban distilling in the Mile High City. If there’s any place that takes spirits seriously, it’s here. At the attached bar, Mile High Spirits offers a variety of whiskey, bourbon, gin, vodka, rum, tequila, and canned Moscow Mule.

Visit them Monday to Thursday from 2 PM to midnight, Friday from 2 PM to 2 AM, Saturday from 11 AM to 2 AM, and Sunday from 2 PM to midnight and. For inquiries and tour reservations, call 303-296-2226 or email info@drinkmhs.com.

9.The Bluegrass Coffee & Bourbon Lounge

Location: 7415 Grandview Ave., Arvada, CO 80002



A coffee house and bourbon bar in one

(Photo from @bluegrassloungearvada Instagram)

 Alt Text - The_Bluegrass_Coffee_&_Bourbon_Lounge_Whiskey_Bar_Colorado


The Bluegrass Coffee & Bourbon Lounge is a quaint coffee house by day and an exciting bourbon bar by night. It’s a place to feel at home when you’re away from home. Expect a great variety of bourbon behind the bar with varying tastes and prices.

Be there Monday to Thursday from 8 AM to 8 PM, Friday and Saturday from 8 AM to 10 PM, and Sunday from 9 AM to 8 PM. Happy Hour is daily from 3 PM to 6 PM. Call 720-476-3950 for more information.


10. The Burns Pub & Restaurant

Location: 9009 Metro Airport Ave., Broomfield, CO 80021



A place with unforgettable food, drinks, and service

(Photo from The Hilltop Inn & Suites’ Facebook page)

Alt Text - The_Burns_Pub_&_Restaurant_Whiskey_Bar_Colorado


The Burns Pub & Restaurant is one of the best places to get authentic British pub fare and more. They have a full selection of over 300 Scottish whiskies and 500 whiskeys overall. This is the perfect location to drink and relax! Stay for a few hours or longer—you’ll feel right at home in this quaint British-style Broomfield destination.

The Burns Pub is open Monday to Friday from 11 AM to 10 PM and Saturday and Sunday from 4 PM to 10 PM. For inquiries and reservations, call 303-469-3900 or email  info@theehilltop.com.

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