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Ideas On How To Connect And Make Memories With Whiskey


Memories and whiskey

Great memories are like good whiskey -- you never seem to be able to get enough of them. So while the whiskey bottle is full, here are three great ways you can connect with people and make memories with whiskey -- served to you neat, blended, and on the rocks by your friends here at Social Scene.


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Winter Whiskey


Enjoy it Neat

How To Connect: Go whiskey shopping with someone or with your friends and buy a bottle none of you have tried before. Go home, taste, talk, and enjoy.

how to enjoy whiskey with friends

Why It’s Memorable: Picking out just one bottle requires everyone to come to a single decision everyone will own and enjoy. It requires a lot of give-and-take, understanding, consideration, and love. And since “there is no bad whiskey” according to novelist and screenwriter, Raymond Chandler, it’ll naturally lead to a wonderful and memorable occasion or a memory everyone could look back to with life lessons and laughter.


Enjoy it Blended

How to Connect: Create your own tasting event with at least four whiskey bottles or blends of your choice. You could also ask each person attending to prepare a bottle or blend to share.

Whiskey tastings scene

Why It’s Memorable: The law behind giving and sharing is immutable. While it’s always great to be at the receiving end, one of the best ways to actually feel good about yourself is when you are able to give and share -- and then see the appreciation -- from your own labor and effort. If you share this opportunity with others, you are sure to have a very memorable occasion.


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Enjoy It On The Rocks

How To Connect: Set up a fun activity with your friends or guests with your favorite whiskey spiked with water or swirling in ice. A cool suggestion from www.whiskeyriff.com is to play the game “most likely to”

Whiskey Games

Why It’s Memorable: “Most likely to” is a game where players take turns saying “most likely to…” (then insert an activity or situation such as) “...get arrested,” “...star in a movie,” or “...fall for a pyramid scheme.” Everyone at the same time then points to whomever they think would be the most likely to do or be that thing. The person with the most fingers pointed to, takes a drink. Since it’s whiskey diluted with water or ice, it should make the game last longer. But that’s not a guarantee, especially if you are always the one most likely to be “it”.

So, drink up, repeat, and enjoy! If you want to show your love to our dear friend whiskey, show up to our 2018 Fall Whiskey Festival this September 2018. Next year, prepare for more whiskey tasting festivals. For more information on how to get tickets, head on to www.besocialscene.com.







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