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Top 10 Whiskey Distilleries In And Around Indianapolis



When thinking of whiskey, you may think of the general ones you see in commercials on television, but who knew there were so many within reach in your own area producing the best? Social Scene has tracked down the top 10 whiskey distilleries in and around Indianapolis so you can embark on a new journey of experiencing whiskey in a new way, within your backyard.


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1. 12.05 Distillery

Named after the date of the repeal of the Prohibition Era, 12.05 Distillery is a small batch distillery in Indianapolis that makes use of fresh and locally-sourced ingredients when producing their labels. With the goal to provide Indiana locals with high-quality spirits made from local ingredients, the distillery has a tasting room and also offers tours for guests to enjoy.


2. Bear Wallow Distillery

Bear Wallow Distillery tours are a thrilling experience - this venue welcomes children for tours and lets them sip drinks as well, but specially made to be non-alcoholic for them. Situated in Gnaw Bone, this distillery is among the earliest established in the state. In making their whiskey and other spirits, they use the old-fashioned copper pot still. They also treat visitors to take a taste of its “Moonshine Shake-ups” made with authentic “fruit elixirs.”


3. Broken Beaker Distillery

Downtown Indianapolis is where you can find a distillery that is inspired by science, Broken Beaker Distillery. It provides an experimental range of choices that focus on infusions with white whiskey for the most part. The distillery enjoys experimenting with various flavors to create something new for the general public.


4. Dusty Barn Distillery

Dusty Barn Distillery is known for making small batch craft whiskeys from raw ingredients cultivated and harvested in Posey County. Just like other top distilleries in the region, it also sources its mixes from local ingredients that provide strong, unique tastes. It is located in Mount Vernon.


5. Heartland Distillers

There are also distilleries in Indianapolis that are not only focused on producing whiskey but also other spirits, like gin and vodka. Take Heartland Distillers for instance. This small-batch facility has already made several award-winning concoctions. It has their Spring Mill Bourbon, handcrafted liquor made with corn, rye and a bit of barley. Part of the drink is finished in a subsequent set of new charred barrels made from oak to give additional flavor.


6. Hotel Tango

Hotel Tango is a whiskey distillery in Indianapolis that produces drinks well-loved by attendees at Social Scene’s whiskey tasting festivals. In fact, their labels have recently been chosen as one of the best brands in the 2018 Spring Whiskey Tasting FestivaL. Travis Barnes, the founder of Hotel Tango Artisan Distillery, is more than just the man behind the handcrafted spirits that he creates. He is a war veteran who fought in a war in the Middle East. He found a set of friends who soon became the foundation of the whiskey that kept tasting participants coming back for more.

Hotel Tango has a tasting room with a rotating cocktail menu that changes along with the seasons. Visitors can also opt between indoor and outdoor seating for varied experiences.


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7. Old 55 Distillery

Whiskeys produced at Old 55 Distillery have a story to tell. Good taste is one, but the process from which it has been formed is an equally important aspect. From ingredients that are sourced from local fields, the liquor is drawn out from a pot still that came from Germany. The process from harvesting to bottling is one that gives Old 55 Distillery whiskeys their mark. Find them at Newtown.


8. The Indiana Whiskey Company

This distillery produces high-quality, small-batch whiskeys made from local ingredients. The Indiana Whiskey Company is veteran-owned and supported which means that it also builds awareness of veterans through donations and paid internships.

The Indiana Whiskey Company mainly sells whiskey, but it would not be as successful today without treating their visitors to their educational tours. There are tours offered around their manufacturing process with interactive activities and opportunities to label your own whiskeys and take them along with you.


9. Three Rivers Distilling Company

Three Rivers Distilling Company offers distillery tours and experiences provided for guests for a closer glimpse of how small batch spirits are produced from grain to glass. Tours are available for large groups but interested parties should reserve in advance. It also has a tasting room where you can enjoy their brands.

10. West Fork Whiskey

West Fork Whiskey embodies all the fascination about Indianapolis. This whiskey distillery produces various labels such as whiskey made with 100% Indiana corn, a blend that is aged in bourbon barrels, and a whiskey with hints of vanilla and caramel. If you are looking for a smooth whiskey that is perfect for social gatherings, you may attend a tour around West Fork Whiskey distillery.


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