2018 Spring Whiskey Tasting Festival Recap: Kansas City's Top Brands


The 2018 Kansas City Spring Whiskey Tasting Festival amassed a huge success, as guests from and around the Sunflower City enjoyed a 2-hour whiskey tasting fair from various brands at the Hush Speakeasy in Kansas City.

With the best efforts of Social Scene, whiskey brands, and venues who participated, it is without a doubt that the event was a massive success. This whiskey event drew hundreds of whiskey fans all over the city not only to taste whiskeys but to also connect with the whiskey reps as well. There were whiskey giveaways, featured food and drinks specials, and a chance for attendees to vote their top 3 whiskey brands.

Doors opened at 4pm and 30 minutes earlier for VIP.  A total of 9 brands were exhibited and enjoyed during  the 2 hour Kansas City Spring Whiskey Festival.


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Top 3 Whiskey Brands

As mentioned, guests had an opportunity to vote their top 3 whiskey brands by posting on their social media accounts using the #KCSpringWhiskeyFestival along with submitting their votes via email.

Here we want you to get to know the 3 brands that won the hearts of the guests at the 2018 Kansas Spring Whiskey Tasting Festival.


Breckenridge Distillery 

Breckenridge Distillery and Kansas City Spring Whiskey Tasting Festival Brands
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Breckenridge Distillery is renowned producers of exquisite whiskeys, for example, their Breckenridge Blend of Straight Bourbon Whiskeys. Guests loved its overall features including the deep honey-amber hue, aromas of under-ripe banana and brown sugar with spicy notes of white pepper and toasted sesame. These are certainly some of the reasons why Breckenridge Distillery were voted in the top 3 whiskey brands.


Boot Hill Distillery

Boot Hill Distillery Kansas City Spring Whiskey Tasting Festival Brands
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Boot Hill Distillery joins the 3 best whiskey brands at the Kansas City Spring Whiskey Festival. They’re known to be the first and only craft distillery in the South of Kansas City. Since 2014, they’ve been distilling the best spirits all from southwestern Kansas grain. Last year, they were named Best Whiskey in Kansas at the Heartland Spirits Festival.


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George Dickel

George Dickel Kansas City Spring Whiskey Tasting Festival Brands
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George Dickel is one of the top 3 whiskey brands voted by guests at the recent festival too. They’re one of the few brands who add more processed distilling – and that’s charcoal mellowing. It’s a process in which their whisky is slowly seeped through vats packed with charcoal.


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