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Top 10 Whiskey Bars in Chicago (Clone)

Best Whiskey Brands in Minneapolis and Nearby Cities


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Get your whiskey game face on as we list the best whiskey brands in Minneapolis and nearby cities. Since there is robust growth in the craft-distilling scene,  distillers are making a mark on the whiskey world by producing whiskeys worthy of a try. On May 19th, the 2018 Spring Whiskey Tasting Festival was held at The Pourhouse in Minneapolis where attendees got to sample exemplary whiskey and join giveaways.

Here, Social Scene will list the best whiskey brands in Minneapolis, all aficionados and occasional drinkers will love.


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1. 11 Wells



Photo link: https://17pvpo1atgwq2icomn3sti3r-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/11wells-13minnesota.jpg


11 Wells which originated in Minnesota, is known for producing spirits and prototype whiskies through their abundant supply of wheat. One of their best products include 11 Wells Minnesota 13 Barrel Aged Whiskey, known for its bold, sharp flavors, and interesting aroma. Other must-try products include Wheat Whiskey, 11 Well’s Bourbon, and 11 Well’s Rye.


2. 45th Parallel Distillery

Best Whiskey Brands in Minneapolis and 45th Parallel Distillery 

 Photo link: https://45thparalleldistillery.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/richmond-rye.jpg


45th Parallel Distillery has been producing an assortment of spirits, gin, and whiskeys among others since 2007. It is a family-owned distillery known for their traditional aging methods and producing quality whiskeys such as the W Straight Wheat Whiskey and Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Their product New Richmonde Rye, debuted in 2013, is an easy neat sipper and one of the locals’ favorite 45th Parallel whiskey because of its gentle spice bringing a pleasant warmth while tasting.


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3. Isanti Spirits

Best Whiskey Brands in Minneapolis and Isanti Spirits

Photo link: https://d2lnr5mha7bycj.cloudfront.net/product-image/file/large_d73c4327-31ab-46a0-a029-c3c79cc8f874.jpg


You’re up for a whiskey treat this September as Isanti Spirits will take center stage at the upcoming 2018 Minneapolis Fall Whiskey Tasting Festival happening on September 29th. Inspired by the reckless heart and punk rock soul of Rick Schneider, comes a creative take on the world of whiskeys. Their products are made from grains grown and barrels coopered in Minnesota. Included in their amazing line-up of whiskey is the Isanti Sunken Bobber Bourbon, bottled at 100 proof and aged for one year in 15 gallon American oak barrels.


4. J. Carver

Best Whiskey Brands in Minneapolis and J. Carver

Photo link: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5251d48ae4b060bcf00af67c/t/58d69ef4893fc05195902c70/1490460426302/?format=750w


J. Carver is one of the most popular whiskey brands in the state of Minnesota. They use climate fruits and grains of the Minnesota River Valley to create some unique spirits of high quality. For whiskey lovers, J.Carver takes pride in their Runestone Straight Rye developed for seasonal whiskey drinkers. The combination of its spiciness and sweetness is made from 86% Minnesota rye and 14% malted rye, which is aged over two years in barrels.


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5. Koval

Best Whiskey Brands in Minneapolis and Koval

Photo link: http://www.koval-distillery.com/newsite/images/bottleshotsA/Mikkeller_BottleShot_White_Web.jpg


Although handmade in Chicago, Koval Distillery is one of those whiskey brands loved by the locals of Minneapolis since 2008. They are the pioneer in Chicago’s food and beverage community before the trend in artisan small-batch liquor. They make their brand unique by their signature style using only the heart cut of the distillate. All of their whiskey are "single barrel" expressions and aged in 30 gallon charred barrels. Recently, they released a new whiskey called the Mikkeller, known for its nose of coffee, toasted walnuts, and caramel. Yum!


6. Jim Beam

Best Whiskey Brands in Minneapolis and Jim Beam

Photo link: https://cdn.liquor.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Jim-Beam-Orig1.jpg


Jim Beam founded in 1795 claims itself as the world’s number 1 selling bourbon enjoyed by people across the globe. They are known for their Jim Beam Straight Bourbon Whiskey, made from a recipe over 200 years old. It is made from a mash of corn, rye, barley malt, and natural Kentucky water, then fermented using a yeast strain, creating a light-bodied, spicy and sweet array of flavors.


7. Rebel Yell

Best Whiskey Brands in Minneapolis and Rebel Yell

Photo link: https://cdn6.bigcommerce.com/s-tsmf5ul0/products/8705/images/9201/IMG_8922__44494.1486494093.380.507.jpg?c=2


Another whiskey favorite in Minneapolis is Rebel Yell. It was included in the top 3 most loved brands at the recent Spring Whiskey Tasting Festival held in May.

They have been creating stellar whiskey along with other bourbons since 1849. Products to try would be their Single Barrel meticulously aged in oak barrels for 10 years to create an extraordinary flavor. There’s also the American Whiskey, Small Batch Reserve, and Small Batch Rye.


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Whiskey Festival Alert!

Care to taste more whiskey brands near you? Then mark your calendars and be a part of the 2019 Minneapolis Winter Whiskey Tasting Festival happening on Jan 26th from 4PM to 6PM. A series of whiskey tasting festivals will take place simultaneously  in Dallas, Indianapolis, Chicago,   Denver, HoustonKansas City, St. Louis .To know more about these events, visit us at BeSocialScene.com


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