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Whiskey distillery tours offer any whiskey lover the key to the secrets behind the distiller’s whiskey.  If you are a fan of how certain Minnesotan brands of whiskey are made, read on as this article is for you!

The Minnesota distillery scene is looking to be recognized in the midst of the whiskey bests. The time has come that these distilleries are making a name for themselves through their whiskey brands. Now the fun begins. If you are curious how the masters make whiskeys that call attention to their craft, then take a whiskey distillery tour!

That is why your friends here at Social Scene have gathered for you some of the best whiskey distillery tours in Minneapolis today. Is the distillery of your favorite Minnesotan whiskey brand on this list? Read on to find out!


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Brother Justus Tours

Brother Justus Whiskey Company

Tour Times: Saturdays (Book for your Schedule); Private Events (for appointment)
And Located At: 451 Taft St. NE Ste L13 Minneapolis, MN

Best Whiskey Distillery tours in Minneapolis and Brother Justus
Brother Justus' Tasting Room photo by Kevin Kramer 

Delve into the world behind the secrets of whiskey making by taking part on the tour given by Brother Justus Whiskey Company. Engage into a lively and interactive educational tour in Minnesota’s history on moonshines and the lore behind Brother Justus.

This underground distillery tour lasts for 45 minutes and will cap the tour with whiskey and cocktail tastings of the distiller's copper and char bar. Online bookings accepted here.


Bent Brewstillery Tours

Bent Brewstillery

Tour Times: Tuesdays, 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM
And Located At: 1744 Terrace Dr, Roseville, MN


Bent Brewstillery is one of the whiskey distillery tours that you wouldn’t want to miss. Being it a brewery and distillery (brewstillery), it is among the favorite go to places for persons who want great housemade beers and killer spirits ordered at the same place at the same time (if you want 😉)

This industrial brewstillery features guided tours every Tuesday at six and seven in the evening. Sign up at the bar or email Colin for a schedule. Tour includes a 10oz. flagship beer and sampling of their spirits and a tasting room with housemade draft brews & spirits.


Copperwing Distillery Tours

Copperwing Distillery

Tour Times: By appointment
And Located At: 6409 Cambridge St, St. Louis Park, MN

Best Whiskey Distillery tours in Minneapolis and CopperWing Distillery
One of the many fun and successful distillery tours in Copperwing Distillery

Copperwing Distillery is famous for their unique and delicious tasting vodka, gin, light whiskey, and Copperwing’s signature spirit, the Vodskey.

Copperwing Distillery’s tour provides you with a chance to get to be close to their gigantic stills and see how they make their spirits one-of-a-kind and delightful. To book for one, please contact info@copperwingdistillery.com or sign up online. Each tour comprises a spirit tasting and a glass to take home.


J. Carver Distillery Tours

J. Carver Distillery

Tour Times: Fridays to Sundays (By Appointment)
And Located At: 451 Taft St NE #19, Minneapolis, MN



J. Carver Distillery is passionate about sharing their skills in making fine whiskeys and other spirits through their tour offerings.

Included in their fun and interactive guided tours is a visit to their cocktail lounge, production facility, and barrel room. Guests will also receive three complimentary tasting samples.

J. Carver Distillery recommends booking through their online system as their tours are quite popular in the area (no wonder they have one of the best whiskey distillery tours in Minneapolis today).  They advise tour participants to arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time.


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Tattersall Distilling Tours

Tattersall Distilling

Tour Times: Saturdays 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM
And Located At: 1620 Central Ave, NE Ste 150, Minneapolis, MN

Best Whiskey Distillery tours in Minneapolis and Tattersall DistillingInside Tattersall Distillery's Stills

Tattersall Distilling is home to well-made gins, vodkas, whiskeys, aquavits and other alcoholic libations. This well-loved distillery is located in the area which once housed General Mills Mechanical Division. They also create their own syrups, mixers, and sodas in-house to give their cocktails a unique signature taste.

Book your tour today for a distillery tour lasting for 45 minutes, every Saturday at 1:00 PM or 3:00 PM. Tours include spirit tastings and a tasting glass souvenir.


Twin Spirits Distillery Tours

Twin Spirits Distillery

Tour Times: Depending on Availability
And Located At: 2931 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, M


Twin Spirits Distillery is known to produce some world-class vodka, whiskey, and gin liquors today. This one-woman owned distillery offers guests a chance to experience their cozy, industrial atmosphere and the taste of their spirits by scheduling a tour with them. You may reach them at their Facebook page to inquire about the tour and its times.



Wander North Distillery Tour

Wander North Distillery

Tour Times: Depending on Tour Type
And Located At: 771 Harding St NE, Minneapolis, MN

Best Whiskey Distillery tours in Minneapolis and Wander North Distillery
A busy day at Wander North Distillery

Another first in Minnesota is the first ever veteran-owned distillery in the state of Minnesota, Wander North Distillery. They are proud to make craft small-batch, Uncharted Whiskey from local malt mash provided in partnership with local breweries.

To get a glimpse of what this Uncharted Whiskey is and how it is created, booking a tour with Wander North Distillery is a good idea to satisfy your whiskey curiosity cravings.



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A Dram of Whiskey and More, Please!

These whiskey distillery tours offered by the local distillers of Minnesota give tourists and residents a chance to understand their craft, creativity, and competence when it comes to whiskey making.

Did your Social Scene Buddies get this list right? If you don’t see your favorite Minneapolis distillery here, no worries. We might just do a feature about them in the next article. Or you might just see them and their brands at Social Scene’s fun tasting festivals in the future.


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