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The Flavors Of The 2018 Winter Whiskey Festival


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Social Scene has introduced you to our distillery partners and the venues for this year’s Winter Whiskey Festival. Now, it’s time to get to know the drinks. Prior to this wondrous experience, we are never missing a moment to take you inside the glasses of the mixes at the 2018 Winter Whiskey Festival. Whether you are looking for a smooth finish or a taste of Irish whiskey, here’s a glimpse of some of the spirits we’ve included in the collection.


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For The Love Of Smoothness

Indiana whiskey


Whiskey drinkers always look for that smooth finish in the bottle, and the upcoming tasting feast is giving you exactly what people have come to love about this powerful blend. Some say taking a gulp gives one a strong, perhaps wild sensation in the palate down the throat, therefore the search for smoothness.

To be featured in the event are corn whiskeys made with natural flavors to create a smooth, sweet, and clean finish. Bear Wallow Distillery’s Corn Whiskey Moonshine collection and The Indiana Whiskey Company’s Silver Sweet Corn Whiskey are making an appearance at the Indianapolis leg. 

The tasting scene in Chicago is also about to introduce a rich and smooth-tasting whiskey coming from the city’s very own distilleries. Rush Creek Distillery’s American Gold is bound to unveil the essences of rare and genuine Western blend in the glass. It is expertly crafted and hand-bottled to perfection. 


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All About The Flavor

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It will take hours just talking about whiskey’s flavors with someone who has fallen in love with the drink. From the senses of a whiskey tasting pro, there are so much to learn about this mix from words like bourbon and rye, to single malt and grain. Where you should begin really depends on what you are looking for. Certainly, the 2018 Winter Whiskey Festival will be everything about flavor.

Indiana’s Four Finger Rye Whiskey from 12.05 Distillery will make its presence with hints with warm vanilla, fruit, and gingerbread. The same brand also serves Wheat Whiskey that is equally laden with taste as it combines butterscotch and warm caramel to hug your palates at the tasting event like never before.

If you are looking for sweetness and spices all in one glass, then to 3rd Degree by West Fork Whiskey Co. is where you’re headed. They have infused the traditional drink with dried chilies, simple syrup, and cinnamon sticks. Then in Illinois, the tasting event is to introduce a drink from Woodford Reserve Distillery made with more than 200 flavor hints. Some of these include bold grain, wood, spices, and floral notes.

The same venue will also have Brenne Single Malt Whisky that is loaded with tangs of burnt caramel, bananas, cinnamon spices, and other tropical fruits.  


The Irish Side Of Whiskey 

Single malt sons of erin

Irish grains have been the backbone of the best tasting whiskeys around the world, and even the real American ones trace back their roots from the way these European settlers introduced the blend to the locals. Give yourself a pat on the back for receiving this invite to Social Scene’s Winter Whiskey Festival, an event that will take you to an Irish encounter.

Joe Morgan’s Black Diamond Distillery is proud of making mixes from Irish and Scottish grains. Almost all of its entire collection offer this touch. In Kansas City, whiskey tasting event participants will get a taste of products from Restless Spirits, on the big day is slated to give honor to whiskey’s Irish forefathers. Two of their offerings, Sons of Erin and Stonebreaker are made from imported Irish whiskey for a liquid both tasteful and light on the tongue. 


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All-American Bourbon



This year’s winter whiskey tasting will not leaving you hanging without a booze of all-American, in what else, but glasses of bourbon. Head over to our Chicago leg if you want to try various bourbon mixes from Old Forester. Their Classic 86 Proof dates back in the 19th century with the same aroma and taste until today. Smell hints of rich tobacco leaves, mint, oak and pine and taste a combination of soft vanilla, citrus and spicy finish in this bourbon. They also offer vintage-style birthday and Prohibition Era-inspired bourbons. 

We also partnered with Mississippi River Distillery for a drink that will make your palate travel across America. The Cody Road collection offers bourbon whiskey made with 70 percent Iowa corn mash, 20 percent Illinois wheat, and 10 percent unmalted barley from Davenport. The grains exude in the taste, but if you want a little sweetness, you’ll also get a taste of a Cody Road made with hints of toffee and caramel. 


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