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The 2018 Winter Whiskey Festival: Meet The Brands



Aside from lighting up the fireplace and enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee, the best way to beat the winter cold is to pour yourself a glass of whiskey. We invite you to enjoy this drink with friends and a community of whiskey lovers at the 2018 Winter Whiskey Festival happening in key cities in the country.
By 2020, Social Scene will be hosting its Winter Whiskey Festival with a two-hour tasting event plus, food and drinks specials. The event will also give you a chance to vote for the top brands so we’ll introduce you to some of these.
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Indiana Small Batch

Indiana Small Batch is the only liquor distributor that exclusively serves independent Indiana spirits. This brand entered the market in 2014 and since then, it has significantly made waves in the industry and among large retailers in Indianapolis. Right now, Indiana Small Batch serves in over 60 locations in the city.
It’s a taste of something new with Indiana Small Batch at the Winter Whiskey Festival in Indianapolis on January 27. Get yourself a glass of distilled spirits, neutral spirits, and ethyl alcohol blended with wines and other distilled liquors. 


Virtuoso Distillers

A group of artisans thought of a way to trace the roots of the great vodka and thus, Virtuoso Distillers was founded. This brand is widely recognized for their silky, smooth signature drink known as 18 Vodka. This drink made from 80-proof and 100 percent rye grain got its name as it has been distilled 18 times in copper pots within a quaint distillery located in Mishawaka.
Experience this smooth and delicious vodka during the winter whiskey tasting event by Social Scene. Other featured brands at the Indianapolis whiskey festival include Bear Wallow Distillery, Three Rivers Distilling Company, West Fork Whiskey, and more. 
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Old Camp

Old Camp 2018 Winter Whiskey Festival Brands
The road to a unique whiskey tasting experience continues in Minneapolis with Old Camp Whiskey, a brand owned by country music superstars Tyler and BK from Florida Georgia Line. You heard it right, we are bringing you mixes from Old Camp Whiskey which takes inspiration from the smooth, good feeling of the country music genre.
Florida Georgia Line is a duo of musicians known for their upbeat vocals yet laden with the classic strings of the genre with their songs such as “Cruise” and “This Is How We Roll.” They thought of a way to bring what the Southern states have to offer into the world of social drinking. The frontman of the brand is Old Camp’s Peach Pecan, a whiskey exclusively made for easy drinking. 

11 Wells Spirits

 11 wells spirits 2018 Winter Whiskey Festival Brands
Minnesota’s vast tract of prairies and deciduous forests have paved the way to a land where the natural sources of whiskey are made. At the Minneapolis Winter Whiskey Festival, you will not just experience local drinks but also immerse yourself with beverages made from wheat, sugar, rye and more.
11 Wells Spirits offers Boiler Room Rum which contains blackstrap molasses, a substance made from concentrated sugar extracts and boiled three times. They also have Wheat Whiskey made with various yeast strains and barrel ages to create the best flavors. Other brands at the Minneapolis festivities are 45th Street Distillery, Tin Cup, Sexton, and George Remus Bourbon and Remus Repeal Reserve.
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Gentleman Jack

 GENTLEMAN JACK 2018 Winter Whiskey Festival Brands
Then, participants in our whiskey tasting event may also head to Kansas City to try whiskey coming from the brands that you are more familiar with. One of the featured brands is Gentleman Jack by Jack Daniel’s. Inspired by the vision of the company, this drink is known for its distinctive smoothness as it went through a second charcoal mellowing. It has a balanced flavor of oak with hints of caramel and vanilla. 

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