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Top 10 Whiskey Brands in the World

Our love story begins in a bottle, but buying a bottle of whiskey to try for yourself or with your friends always poses a challenge. Choosing from countless brands lining the shelves to selecting from a wide range of categories alone, like: bourbon, Scotch, or Irish... All these factors can seem overwhelming when you’re searching for that perfect bottle to love in the wonderful world of whiskey.


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But fret not, first-timer, your friends here at Social Scene have herded up the top 10 whiskey brands from all across the globe to captivate your mouth and make you want to wish for a taste for more.

1. Nikka


World's best whiskey brands

Nikka Whiskey hails from the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. In 1918, Masataka Taketsuru, Nikka’s founder, had journeyed to Scotland just to master the method of how to distill Scotch whisky. His travels paid off as Nikka Whiskey has produced an extensive lineup of delectable whiskeys ranging from single-cask to blended varieties.


2. Hibiki


World's best whiskey brands

Another one from Japan is the premium blended whiskey, Hibiki. It is not only Japan’s immensely awarded blended whiskey, but it is also among the most honored and prestigious whiskeys all over the world.


 3. Yamazaki


World's best whiskey brands


Made from the first and oldest malt distillery in Japan was Yamazaki Whisky. This single malt whiskey has an interesting multi-layered flavor with fruit and Japanese Mizunara oak aromas.


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4. Kavalan


World's best whiskey brands

Kavalan is Taiwan’s first whiskey maker. It is also the nation’s only family-owned whiskey distillery. Yilan County (where Kavalan’s distillery resides) has pure water and wonderful fresh air that makes it a perfect environment for whiskey production. Kavalan has a series of delectable whiskeys brought to you by the distillery’s professional whiskey Research and Development Team along with experts such as world-class master blender, Ian Chang, whiskey specialist, the late Dr. Jim Swan.



5. Hakushu


World's best whiskey brands

Nestled deep in the untouched forests of Mt. Kaikomagatake is Suntory’s mountain forest distillery where it had birthed the single malt whiskey called Hakushu. This gentle and fresh, yet smoky single malt whiskey has herbal notes, making it a whiskey that liberates and enlivens the senses.


6. Amrut


World's best whiskey brands

Amrut is known to be the first single malt whiskey to be made in India. Amrut (अमृत) or Amrita is a rough translated in English as “nectar of the gods”. This brand has gained its popularity after it was rated 82 over a hundred by Jim Murray, a well-known whiskey connoisseur and critic. Check out the other blends of this “Elixir of Life” here.



7. Starward

World's best whiskey brands

David Vitale, the founder of Starward, has created a unique yet affordable Australian whiskey that Aussies are proud to show off and offer to everyone. Matured by Melbourne’s dynamic climate, this whiskey has a mellow smokey vanilla brandy undertone with a beautiful finish can be served neat or as a cocktail with food.


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8. Paul John


World's best whiskey brands

Experience ‘The Great Indian Single Malt’ by taking a sip of Paul John. According to WikiPedia, 2012 was the year it was first launched and caught an overwhelming response from Whisky Lovers and Whisky Connoisseurs in the UK. Soon it was introduced to countries where Single Malt whiskeys are consumed with a passion such as Germany, Spain, and France among many others.

9. Chichibu


World's best whiskey brands


Chichibu is Ichiro Akuto’s whiskey brainchild. Akuto and his team, with their attention to detail and love of whiskey, has helped them offer the world delicious, rare, and exceptional malt whiskeys.

10. Akashi


World's best whiskey brands

Eigashima Shuzo Co. Ltd. is among of the oldest family-run distilleries in Japan. With nearly 100 years of whisky-making experience, they have created some of the best Japanese liquors such as sakes and shochus. But what made them internationally stand out is their whiskey Akashi. This whiskey is a testament of the marriage of Whiskey maturation in Spanish casks and Japanese ingenuity.

10 out of 10, we’re sure that you will find the “love of your life” in these whiskey picks. Observe it. Smell it. Taste it. Enjoy it. Because nothing lasts forever… But at least you can always buy another bottle and begin the love story once again.

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