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Whiskey(Whisky) Tasting Notes: Featuring Cody Road Brand

Mississippi River Distilling Company was founded in 2010 by two brothers, Ryan and Garrett Burchett. What began as a small distillery has flourished to become one of the top craft distilleries in the US. Through the hard work and dedication of the farmers and distilling team, Mississippi River Distilling Company continues to export products to Australia, Canada, Germany, and even all the way to New Zealand.



A distillery that believes in the stewardship of their land and water

(Photo from Mississippi River Distilling Company & Cody Road Cocktail House’s Facebook page)

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As a family-operated company, Mississippi River Distilling takes pride in growing their farm. It is not only important for the business but also holds a dear place in the community. The high-quality local grains from the farm are what makes Mississippi River Distilling Company truly local and authentic.


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Winter Whiskey



A Remarkable Handmade Still 


Much of the success of Mississippi River Distilling Company’s products stems from their handmade still from Eislingen, Germany. Their still was created by Kothe Distilling Technologies and gives them the flexibility to make innovative and unique distillate. The still is affectionately called the “River Rose” of the distillery.

It’s not only about the equipment: the team itself spent time in Germany to perfect their distilling method. Having trained with only the best distillers in Europe, the team is able to release the full potential of the equipment they have.


Straight from Grain to Glass

Being in the same location as the finest grain fields in the world, Mississippi River Distilling Company makes the finest spirits. The grain is purchased fresh and 100% of the grains used in products come from within 25 miles of the distillery.


Find authentic crafts spirits at Mississippi River Distilling Company

(Photo from Mississippi River Distilling Company & Cody Road Cocktail House’s Facebook page)

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Mississippi River Distilling Company practices the small batch distillation approach, which means that each step of the process is precisely controlled. Nothing is outsourced and everything is grown and harvested around the distillery. The facility, as well as all of its ingredients and products, is Kosher certified by the Chicago Rabbinical Council.

Mississippi River’s Cody Road Brand


1. Cody Road Bourbon



A beautifully flavored bourbon with a smooth finish

(Photo from Mississippi River Distilling Company & Cody Road Cocktail House’s Facebook page)

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The Cody Road Bourbon whiskey got its name from William “Buffalo Bill” Cody. Born in 1846 in LeClaire, Iowa, Buffalo Bill became an icon in entertainment and the Cody Road brand was named in his honor.


This bourbon has a mash bill of 70% LeClaire corn, 20% Reynolds wheat, and 10% Davenport barley. It undergoes two years of aging in new charred 30-gallon oak barrels. Expect corn sweetness and light fruit hints from the wheat with a nutty and grassy finish.

2. Cody Road Rye



A rye whiskey with just the right mix of spice and fruitiness

(Photo from Mississippi River Distilling Company & Cody Road Cocktail House’s Facebook page)

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Cody Road Rye had to be made, as legend says that rye whiskey was Buffalo Bill’s preferred spirit! This expression is distilled cleanly to highlight the sweet fruity flavor that’s often lost in rye. It still offers the liquor’s signature spiciness amid its wonderfully complex palate.

This whiskey is best used for classic cocktails, as its sweet, clean flavor complements many varieties of cocktail recipes. Handmade from 100% local rye, expect a very unique spirit in your glass.

3. Cody Road Maple



The perfect kiss of sweetness

(Photo from Mississippi River Distilling Company & Cody Road Cocktail House’s Facebook page)

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Cody Road Maple uses Cody Road Bourbon and 100% pure grade Great River maple syrup to perfectly capture the fine sweetness found in Iowa’s hills. It’s real whiskey made with real maple.

This expression was released in February 2017 for the first time under the “Still Crazy” limited edition brand. It gained popularity and became a big bottle by February 2018. This is one of the best maple whiskeys on the market.

4. Cody Road Honey


6_ Cody_Road_Honey_Mississippi_River_Distilling_Company

A honey whiskey made from the distillery’s special recipe (Photo from Mississippi River Distilling Company & Cody Road Cocktail House’s Facebook page)

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The Cody Road Honey whiskey was born from the brand’s Queen Bee Honey Whiskey, a spring seasonal offering that gained popularity in 2018. This made it possible to create a year-round expression under the name of Cody Road Honey.


This bottle provides an intensely sweet taste compared to precious corn whiskeys. Using nearly 60 gallons of natural clover honey, it’s no surprise that the sweet palate is memorable. Combined with the traditional Cody Road bourbon, it’s a whiskey that is perfect in every sip.

5. Cody Road Barrel Old Fashioned


7_Cody_ Road_Barrel_Old_Fashioned_Mississippi_River_Distilling_Company

Experience the true flavor of barrel-aged old fashioned whiskey

(Photo from Mississippi River Distilling Company & Cody Road Cocktail House’s Facebook page)

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The Cody Road Barrel Old Fashioned is blended from Cody Road Bourbon mixed with sugar and bitters and aged in used Cody Road Bourbon barrels. This technique enables the flavors to soak and mix together with the oak.

The result is an explosion of tastes in a single bottle. This beverage is perfect with ice or with cherry and orange garnish.


A Commitment to Making the Finest Spirits


Mississippi River Distilling Company is about more than just producing spirits. It’s a community where everyone’s hard work is recognized and appreciated. Each bottle carries the hard work of local farmers. With each sip, you can taste only the freshest ingredients. Commitment takes time, but the results are satisfying. Mississippi River Distilling Company has more to offer in the future.

Where to Buy



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