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Best Wine And Wineries In Denver


Best Wine Brands In Denver

If you are in Colorado and you need a bottle of wine, then this list is great for you! Your friends here at Social Scene have enumerated some of the best wines around Denver today. They are not only the best, but they also won a number of the judges’ hearts in this year’s Colorado Wine Governor’s Cup Competition.

What is the Colorado Wine Governor’s Cup Competition?

Wine enthusiasts around gather in the Colorado Wine Governor’s Cup Competition to find the best tasting wines Colorado has to offer. This yearly event is the only statewide, commercial wine making contest exclusively for the Colorado wine industry. A group of chefs, sommeliers, and wine experts from all over the country come to judge this event.

So what better way can your friends in Social Scene do? Serve you up with the best wines around Denver today. We give nothing but the best of the best, just for you, of course! ;-) So read on, soak up, and be impressed by these local wines. 

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1. BookCliff Vineyards’ Riesling 2017


Book Cliff Vineyards

This white wine with a chock full of honeydew melon and juicy Anjou pears for its aroma hails from Boulder. BookCliff Vineyards described this to be a semi-sweet and well-rounded drink with a satiny mouth feel. For more wines from this winery, check out their website.


2. Colorado Cellars’ Raspberry Wine

Colorado Cellars Winery Denver

Portrayed as a fruit wine that has a sweet-tart taste with intense raspberry flavors, Colorado Cellars’ Raspberry Wine is one of the wines that made into the top 12 wines of the Colorado Wine Governor’s Cup Competition. Colorado Cellars suggests serving this wine, chilled, and is great with salads, pastas, cheeses, or by itself. Learn more about this wine and the others from this winery from Palisade here.

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3. Colorado Cider Company’s Grasshop-ah Cider


Colorado Cider Company

From Denver is the award-winning Grasshop-ah Cider from Colorado Cider Company. It is said to have the aromas of lemon zest and cut grass, with a citrus kick of lemongrass. Certainly for beer lovers and the ones looking for more cider adventurers. Yes, even a delicious cider made our list!


4. Creekside Cellars’ 2014 Cabernet Franc


Creekside Cellars Wine


Creekside Cellars are proud to present Colorado’s Cabernet, Franc. This exceptional Cabernet Franc has a rich, complex flavor has a nose that releases blackberry with hints of cardamom, and with a finish that lingers long. It is no wonder that this red wine from Evergreen has bagged the Best of Show award in this year’s Colorado Wine Governor’s Cup Competition.

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5. Guy Drew Vineyards’ 2015 Syrah


Guy Drew Vineyards Wine

 2015 Syrah is a mouth-watering red wine with dark berry and licorice as flavors. Its balanced acidity and a peppery, smoky finish is best paired with Colorado Lamb or any kind of BBQ. Guy Drew Vineyards has more wines in store for you. Simply go to their website and explore.


6. The Infinite Monkey Theorem (Denver), 2013 The Bubble Universe Sparkling Albariño


Infinite Monkey Theorem Wine Denver


The Infinite Monkey Theorem in Denver has a unique approach when it comes to wine -- they can it! Yet, they still make traditional sparkling wines, like the Bubble Universe Sparkling Albarino. Creators describe it as a wine with a crisp apple and bright acid taste with fizzy fun. Know more about this contemporary winery and its unique wines here.


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7. Whitewater Hill Vineyards’ 2016 Sweetheart Red

Whitewater Hill Vineyards

Reported to have a fruity aroma with hints of orange blossoms and roses, the 2016 Sweetheart Red is one of Whitewater Hill Vineyards’ best sellers. This red wine with a Sangria-like flavor is just one of the many liquors this Grand Junction winery has to offer. Simply go to their site.


8. Winery at Holy Cross Abbey’s 2015 Reserve Merlot

Winery at Holy Cross Denver

If you want a bold and robust wine, then this Merlot Reserve is for you. Filled with an aroma of toasty oak and hints of plum and cherry fruit, this Merlot will age exquisitely for at least 5 years, says the vintners of Winery at Holy Cross Abbey.


Try Some of the Best Wines Today!

With this knowledge of the best wines around Denver today, it is best to get a bottle of each of the winners itemized in this list, so you can do your own tasting and see if they indeed belong to the best list.

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