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Top 10 Wineries in Denver


Do you know why Denver has some of the best wine? Well, due to Colorado’s cool mountain climate, forecast in this mountain city has always had... a 99% Chance of WINE.…(crickets chirping)...

OK... so maybe you didn’t laugh, but that doesn’t mean that your friends here at Social Scene are now useless. No! -- far from it! Because, now, we stick to what we’re good at and bring you the top wineries in Denver.

And here they are…


Spero Winery

3316 W 64th Avenue 

Best Wineries Denver

One of the best kept secrets in Denver is a merge of the best of Italy, California, and Colorado. This family-owned and operated winery combines a heritage of Italian winemaking, specially selected grapes from California, and Colorado’s newfound passion for winemaking. The result is an award-winning lineup of some of the best red, white, and dessert wines. Visit their website to learn more about the history of this winery and their “best-kept-secret-no-more” award-winning wines.


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Balistreri Vineyards

1946 E 66th Avenue

Best Wineries Denver
Traditionally handcrafted wines are produced at this Colorado winery using techniques that have been passed down from generations. This winery creates award-winning wines by fermenting their grapes in their own yeast, and leaving them unfiltered, unfined, unaltered by sulfites, and aged in American oak barrels one cask at a time. Check out their website to learn more about the fine wines at this winery.


Bonacquisti Wine Company

4640 North Pecos Street


Award-winning every-night-of-the-week blends as well as reserve and limited production wines are all created in this urban winery by Sommelier and winemaker, Paul Bonacquisti. The winery also helps support local education and artists by helping them sell their original artworks in their store. Check out the company’s website for their wine collection and other things they do.

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Bigsby’s Folly Craft Winery & Restaurant

3563 Wazee Street


This craft winery was conceived from the love for creating authentic quality wine for everyone, and was born when the concept of urban winery came to be. Check out their website to learn more of their expertly crafted, high quality wines and other offers.


Kingman Estates Winery

800 East 64th Street 


This winery has a dream to be equal or better than other great wine producing regions throughout the world. It is among the wineries in Colorado that serve authentic handcrafted wine, but what makes this winery different is that it’s the only one that makes its crafted wine entirely from Colorado grapes. Visit their website here and see what else makes them unique.


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The Infinite Monkey Theorem

3200 Larimer Street


Have you ever heard of wine in a can?? Well, this innovative winery (that doesn’t have a vineyard by the way) makes ridiculously good wine in a warehouse in an alley in the city of Denver. Check out their website and see for yourself. It’s beautiful chaos and dangerously delicious.


Ryker’s Cellars

4640 Pecos Street, Unit G

Ryker’s Cellars

Inspired by the taste of a Châteauneuf-du-Pape led Ryker Brandt on a quest to learn the secrets of winemaking and become a winemaker himself. Read his story on his website and see how he continues to hone his skills in winemaking and showcase his products, which can be bought and sampled, at his urban winery in Denver.


Deep Roots Winery and Bistro

1516 Wazee Street 

Deep Roots Winery and Bistro

Here is a wine bar in Denver that makes its own wine. The atmosphere in this place is spectacular and the wine selections clearly shows that they were made by someone who had deep roots in the winemaking industry. Check out their website here.


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Wild Women Wine

1660 Champa Street

Denver Wineries

This Colorado boutique winery is a great place to enjoy wine that is crisp, rich and representative of the freedoms, challenges, and richness of life, for which wild women everywhere strive for. Check out their website for other great things that can be done in this Denver boutique winery.


Mile High Winery

2811 Walnut Street 

Wineries in Denver

Combining Science and art, and the love for mountains and wine has brought this Mile High Winery to existence. Click here to more of how this winery makes handcrafted red and white wine just like magic.


And that’s just the tip of the mountain...

These top wineries in Denver are just like one of the many peaks of the Colorado mountains. There are actually a lot more great places than what we are able to cover in this article. So feel free to use this list, but please drop by any shop, bar, winery and vineyard in Denver and you will instantly know why this city is among the best places for growing, making, and enjoying wine.

It’s now WINE-thirty so I have to go…


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