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Top 10 Wine Bars In Indianapolis

Indy, a city that treats wine as its local treasure, has some of the country’s best wine bars that you ought to visit. We are taking you to some of these bars so you can get to know where to find the best experiences. Here are the Top 10 wine bars in Indianapolis.


Tastings - A Wine Experience


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1. Tastings - A Wine Experience

Straightforward and direct, those are the qualities of the brand. Tastings is a sophisticated wine bar and bistro located at Miles Square. Situated in the chic Conrad Hotel, the wine bar boasts of an interior design made with wood panels, a perfect backdrop for guests who want to get a taste of its many collections of wine. They have more than 100 wines by bottle with samplings from their small plates menus and charcuterie. With Tastings, it’s going to be a healthy affair.

It is located at 50 W Washington St., Indianapolis.


2. Louie’s Wine Dive

Louie’s Wine Dive is proud of the fact that it is obsessed with good wine. After all, the bar’s magnanimous wine collection and featured wineboard are all laden with both common and some of the rarest selections one can ever find. They also have craft cocktails and beers on the menu.

Unlike most wine bars that exude formality in all corners, Louie’s Wine Dive is different as the ambience is generally casual yet elegant. They also offer spaces for private dining and can also cater for your events.

They are located at 345 Massachusetts Ave., Indianapolis.


Open Society Wine Bars Indianapolis


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3. Open Society

The Open Society Public House sets itself apart from other wine bars in Indianapolis because of its experience-driven food choices along with their full 300-bottle wine list, not to mention their cocktail program and coffee bar. The venue blends the roots from local Indiana culture and the modern industrial-inspired design.

The location is at 4850 N. College Ave. Indianapolis.


4. Corner Wine Bar

The vibe of the world’s fashion capital Paris felt in Indianapolis? Corner Wine Bar has made it all possible. The best views and the best experiences are during the summer season but you can always grab a table anytime as much as you want to. The bar also has a manager who offers a short visit to one of the vineyards in the region.

Address is at 6331 Guilford Ave, Indianapolis.

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5. Mass Ave Wine

Regarded as Indy’s downtown wine destination, Mass Ave Wine is highly exceptional in the way that it combines delicious food and good wine. The cafe and bar will be ready to serve wine by the glass, flights, craft beers, cocktails and even sodas for those who do not feel like drinking liquor yet. These beverages may be paired with their classic pizzas, sweet treats, small plates, sandwiches, and selected meats. Young professionals love this place as it offers areas for Internet connectivity as well.

Should you want to pay them a visit, head over to 878 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis.

Tinker Street Wine Bars Indianapolis


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6. Tinker Street

Sometimes, the name of the bar or restaurant itself will draw out a good number of people, and then become one of the top bars in town. Aside from its name with a great recall, Tinker Street is treated as a bar but is technically a restaurant on its own. They also have a good selection of wines and food served in this area where a lighter note to the wine bar is added. It is also a plus point that their staff is well-educated about the labels, and you can freely ask them to educate yourself about the drink.

Drive your way to 402 E 16th St, Indianapolis to visit the place.


7. Brugge Brasserie

Wines trace back their roots to Europe and there is a wine bar in Indy that pays tribute to these origins. Brugge Brasserie has a rich collection of handcrafted liquor and food in honor of the Belgian tradition. It has both red and white wine, that you can combine with crepes, mussels, and more.

They are located at 1011 E Westfield Blvd, Indianapolis.


8. Vida

A newcomer in the industry has made it to the top 10 wine bars in Indianapolis. Vida will challenge what you think about a good venue as since it opened, they have showed guests a cellar of the rarest liquor labels available in the city. Only the righteous and qualified sommeliers are able to distinguish them and use their senses to pair the best wines with what food you are ordering.

Unexpected among newcomers in the region, Vida has earned an award that only a small percentage of the 30,000 restaurants have achieved, the official website revealed. Their wine collection is something to look forward to, but their food items are superb bonuses.

Location is at 601 E New York St, Indianapolis.

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Seasons 52 Indianapolis Wine Bar


9. Seasons 52

If you are opting for a casual side to the wine tasting, you better visit Seasons 52. In here, you will be welcomed to a sophisticated grill and wine bar with items made from the freshest ingredients, letting you try the flavors of their menu according to the season, hence the name.

The wine cellars are custom-built and consist of a lush botanical area that provides an air of fresh air to breathe, including the rich mahogany ornaments scattered around. It has over 100 wines in the collection and many of which are considered award-winning labels. Visit them at 8650 Keystone Crossing. Indianapolis.


10. Matt’s Wine Bar

Another distinctively casual wine bar in Indy is known as Matt’s Wine Bar. As visitors enter, they will be treated to a spectacle of murals featuring well-known wineries. It provides a casual and open seating for guests as they offer 24 premium wines both with popular and rare labels. Matt’s Wine Bar also has a menu that presents cocktails, spirits, appetizers and flatbreads that are perfect food pairings with the glass of the liquor. It is located in Carmel City Center.


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