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Top 10 Wineries In Indianapolis And Nearby Cities

The daily grind might have gotten you off track from all things delightful and fun. There is nothing wrong from going beyond the norm, and perhaps checking out some wineries nearby. What’s your favorite wine? There might be a winery around you that serves up the brand you are looking for.

For wine enthusiasts, the state of Indiana is home to several wineries that take you inside this beverage. Social Scene is listing the top 10 wineries in Indianapolis and nearby cities.


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1. Brandywine Creek

Indianapolis takes great pride in having wineries owned by families and though some may be a smaller-scale, they produce the best wines that are export quality. In Brandywine Creek, grapes cultivated in the land are Cabernet Franc, Carot Noir, Catawba, Chardonel, Golden Muscat, and more.

Buck Creek Winery Indianapolis wineries


2. Buck Creek Winery

Recognition is what Buck Creek Winery values to keep bringing only the best wines to their patrons. This winery has won more than 140 medals at the Indy International Wine Competition, among many other accolades. They have been growing grapes in the area for more than two decades now, and since then, it keeps almost 3,000 grapevines cultivated on 4 ½ acres of land.

Chateau De Pique Winery


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3. Chateau De Pique Winery

Chateau De Pique Winery is a picturesque winery in Seymour, Indiana as it stands with the backdrop of the lush grasses of the countryside. Tradition is well kept as it is housed in a 19th century horse barn, regularly maintaining the old facilities only to provide a space for the guests to see. They also host events for interested clients.


4. Country Moon Winery

With great spaces outdoors, Country Moon Winery offers a perfect spot for having a good time and keeping things light. Visitors can enjoy a guided tour around the vineyard and experience five different varieties of grapes. Free tours are also offered.


5. Daniel’s Vineyard

Daniel’s Vineyard is a family-owned winery that offers a collection of 15 high quality wines. It is owned by a husband and wife tandem who once turned an idea into a reality and are now reaping the benefits of hard work along with their five kids. This vineyard and event venue has always been connected with the community as well.


Foyt Wine Vault Indianapolis wineries


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6. Foyt Wine Vault

Foyt Wine Vault is a winery and restaurant that serves wines along with their craft beers and menu with an Italian twist. They also provide spaces for parties, business events, and a dining room for private gatherings. Many of the wines they serve are made from ingredients harvested from vineyards in Napa and Sonoma Valley.


Hopwood Cellars Winery Indianapolis wineries


7. Hopwood Cellars Winery

With two locations in Indiana, Hopwood Cellars Winery also has shops, restaurants and galleries that visitors partake in. The winery’s setup is like a town where the general public can simply walk through and take pleasure in sightseeing. They can also take a look at the wine bar and get a taste of the wines made from local grapes from Indiana.


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8. Tasteful Times

Tasteful Times is what completes the puzzle of sophisticated wines. Why? This winery presents gourmet food and wine. For Jonathan Sadler, the man behind Tasteful Times, a winery that serves gourmet means offering a different perspective and making mealtimes more engaging.


9. Traders Point Winery

Touted as one of the newest family-owned wineries in the state, Traders Point Winery offers wines that are ideal for any palette and taste. They produce healthy beverages as their wines come from fresh fruits from different locations, hence the name “Traders Point.” The winery’s name comes from a small town in Marion county, which traces back its origins from the Native Americans.


10. Twenty First Amendment

Twenty First Amendment was established in the 1970s to provide Indianapolis with a reputable source of wines and spirits. Aside from being a family-owned and operate winery, it is also a store that sells liquor at affordable prices. Think about your local souvenir shop that sells delicacies made straight from the vineyard, this is what 21st Amendment is all about.



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