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List of Wine Producing Countries

Wines are a popular beverage with different variants and qualities depending on the process and countries where the wine producing took place. Even though wine has been around for a long time, it certainly hasn't lost its flair. As the saying goes “it has aged like fine wine.”

It is common for people to get involved in a wine tasting or purchasing special bottles of wine to be reserved only for special occasions and special people, and even though some people have managed to know their wines, many are left in the dark about where wines come from and the differences.

Here are top 10 wine producing countries in the world according to the OIV statistics:




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Italy is one of the top three wine producing countries on the planet but was only recently in 2017, struck by a bad case of frost and drought that affected young grape trees and caused about 23% drop in the yearly quantity of wine produced. Italy is known for the production of Trebbiano wine. Learn more about wine production top regions in Italy, click here.





France also suffered a similar fate as Italy in 2017, only a less severe one, but it also resulted in a reduced amount of production by 19% for the year. Nonetheless, it still maintains its position as one of the major wine exporters globally.




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Spain, a European country is like the other two, and is one of the major wine exporters globally even with its similar frost fate. These mentioned European countries are the world leading producers of wine, accounting for about 70% of the world’s wine production according to world stop exports.




The United States of America

The USA is fourth on this list thanks to California; the state accounts for the majority of the wine production in the USA, boasting a good range of grape varieties. Washington, Napa Valley, and Sonoma county are not left out in recognition. To learn more about top wine brands in USA, click here.





Wine producing in Argentina dates back to the 16th century and is favored by the nature of the soil and weather within this region and have allowed them a favorable market locally and internationally.




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Australia boasts over a hundred wine varieties planted all around the country and in every state. Even though they produce a good variety of wines at reasonable prices, its Chardonnay is the highest amount of white wine produced.



China has a good stand on the list of wine producers and is also a huge consumer of wine, not just local brands but also foreign brands, hence their high numbers in their import column as well as export column.


South Africa

Although newly recognized for wine production, historical records have shown that production of wine in South Africa dates back longer than it was recognized.


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Wine production in Chile has reported fluctuating volumes yearly, but they still stand as one of the big players of wine production with their proud ‘Lost Varietal of Bordeaux.’



Germany was also struck by the disadvantageous frost and experienced a decline in their wine production.

Globally wine production in volume is experiencing subsequent reduction as a result of some issues happening within the European regions as they are the top producers globally as reported by the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV).


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