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The Best Halloween Activities In Indianapolis

Indianapolis comes alive this Halloween season. The city has lined up several events for couples, for the entire family, and for tourists visiting the area as well. Searching for activities to do while on a Halloween break in Indianapolis? Leave the usual trick-or-treating affair and experience something out of the box. From bar crawls to exciting parties, Social Scene has here the best Halloween activities in Indianapolis that you should take part in. Mark your calendars!

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Win prizes at the 2018 Indianapolis Halloween Bar Crawl


Bar Crawls

Bar crawls a la Halloween is truly one-of-a-kind. Several organizers are clamoring to reserve spaces of bars and restaurants for inclusion in their itinerary, as bar crawls during this season are in for giving a whole new level of experience. One of the most anticipated pub crawls is the 2018 Indianapolis Halloween Bar Crawl, hosted by Social Scene. Not only are the venues something to look forward to, but the surprises that await attendees are certainly ones you will not want to miss.

Cash prizes await those who are wearing the best and the spookiest Halloween costumes. Crawl your night away to new bars, filled with plenty of people and booze. If you are into dressing to impress for Halloween - make sure to enter the Best Halloween Costume for a chance to win $1,000 and infamous bragging rights! Snag 20% discounts by using discount code DWF (Drink With Friends) HERE.



Bar Crawls

Music from this Broadway hit to be featured in Halloween musical concerts in Indy




Music and Halloween are a perfect match. Listen to Halloween-themed music from “Phantom of the Opera” or songs played by a live band. Aside from being unique, choosing to celebrate this holiday in the fall season through musical appreciation also soothes the senses and uplifts spirits.

Halloween at the Murat is having Paul Holdman & Rebecca Meldrum, playing live music while guests are served up with a food buffet. Costumes are also highly encouraged to be worn during the event. And, if you want some classical tunes, head over to Music Of The Night, a delightful evening of music, refreshments, and a popular guided walking tour of historic Crown Hill Cemetery. It will be held at the historic Gothic Chapel, built in 1875, with performances from organist Charles Manning playing tunes from the award-winning Broadway musical.


Ghost Stories And Tours

Ghost stories to haunt you


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Ghost Stories And Tours


Listening to ghost stories has always been a classic get-together between a group of friends camping out in a certain venue. But, to do it in a real cemetery? Prepare for the chills. Nearly 200,000 graves are located where one storytelling event will happen. Crown Hill Cemetery is hosting Ghost Stories 2018, to be hosted by actors from Storytelling Arts of Indiana.

If you are in for a more active tour, head over to Creperie and Cookies at City Market to explore the brick-arched labyrinth of the remains of Tomlinson Hall on a half-hour guided Catacombs Paranormal Tour. The Hall burned down in 1958, but paranormal experts believe something below the market is worth stumbling upon.


Halloween Festivals And Parties

Find yourself amazed in Halloween parades


Halloween Festivals And Parties


From the darker side of Indianapolis’ Halloween to the more vibrant activities like Halloween festivals and parties. The Irvington Halloween Festival will host its first coffin race on October 27th. It will feature a spooky puppet show, family-friendly street parties and more ghost tours. Aside from all this , the annual festival will feature a week-long celebration with a five-mile run, Halloween-themed movies, storytelling, masquerade ball, and more.

Speedway in Indianapolis is hosting the Inaugural "Spirits on Main" Halloween Costume Party. The Dallara Indycar Factory is the perfect venue for the costume party, and to get glamorous as the organizers are giving away a two-seater Indycar experience for the best-dressed for the night. Free rides will be given throughout the night as well. For more Indianapolis Halloween events, visit our previous blog.


Enjoy savings at our Bar Crawl with code DWF (drink with friends) this Halloween! 

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   Pumpkin Beer Events

Taste the flavor of Halloween


Pumpkin Beer Events

For the more adult-oriented Halloween get-togethers in Indianapolis, you might want to check out pumpkin beer events near you. After all, pumpkin has always been part of this holiday. Most of these beer events started as early as September but there are more coming your way. Enjoy some fall-flavored beers at the Noblesville Brewfest on September 22nd. Many of the festivals and parties mentioned earlier are also serving up Halloween-themed beers. Or, you can visit Indy’s bars anytime such as The Tap Brewery & Craft Beer Bar to get a taste of this special.


Who’s Up For A Halloween Bar Crawl In Indy?

Get ready to get spooked and enjoy exciting bar crawls happening simultaneously on October 27th in Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Indianapolis, and Minneapolis. Plus! Take home the top award and win $1,000. To join, enter at HalloweenCrawlContest.com.

For more information and upcoming events, visit our website at BeSocialScene.com.


Be in your best costumes!


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