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Top Halloween Events This Year in Dallas


It’s that time of year again when you need to show off your best self and creative costume, or better yet, attend the best Halloween activities in Chicago! The Windy City has plenty to offer with their various activities every Halloween, which we may add is the most exciting holiday of the year!

Be if from bar crawls and masquerade balls, Social Scene will list the top Halloween activities in Chicago you and the squad can enjoy!

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1.     Bar Crawls

Top Halloween Activities in Chicago and Bar CrawlsA night filled with booze, networking, and fun!


If there’s one event or activity that would interest all adults, it would be bar crawls. Take for example, the upcoming 2018 Chicago Halloween Bar Crawl on October 27th in Lincoln Park, Wicker Park and River North Venues. For those of you who plan to wear the most creative costume, you have the chance to win $1000! Enter to win at HalloweenCrawlContest.com!



2.      Themed Halloween Parties

Top Halloween Activities in Chicago and Game of Thrones Themed Party

Game of Thrones themed party/ Photo via Karas Party Ideas

One of the top Halloween activities in Chicago would probably be joining themed Halloween parties! A perfect example would be the Game Of Thrones Halloween bash held at Noyane last year on October 28th of 2017. This encouraged attendees to imagine travelling to Westeros while wearing their GOT-inspired costumes, and impressing each other with impressions of their favorite character.

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3.    Murder Mystery Nights

https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.evbuc.com%2Fimages%2F47486154%2F127155353171%2F1%2ForiginalGroup photo during the previous mystery murder activity


Try being Sherlock for a night and solve interesting mysteries with your friends! It is one of those Halloween activities in Chicago that brings out the adventurous side of participants. For those interested in trying this thrilling activity, why not join the upcoming Speakeasy Murder Mystery Cocktail Party on September 22nd. This event is made possible by Art Room Events.


4.    Arts in the Dark

Top Halloween Activities in Chicago and Arts in the DarkArts in the Dark parade


In Chicago, Halloween isn’t just about spooky things. Every Halloween, interesting activities where artists and creative institutions unite to exhibit their finest masterpieces in the form of puppetry, lantern making, and parades are held. Make sure you don’t miss the upcoming Arts in the Dark happening on October 20th on the Chicago Riverwalk!


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5.    Masquerade Balls

Top Halloween Activities in Chicago and Masquerade Balls

If you’re into grandiose events and an evening filled with cotillions and non-stop dancing, then you could consider masquerade balls as the perfect Halloween activity for you. This Saturday, October 27th, the Annual Masquerade Ball will be held at the Drake Hotel. Expect a fun and mystery-filled night with entertainment care of Flat Cats.



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