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Top 10 Craft Spirit Distilleries in Denver


Craft Spirit Distilleries In Denver


This article is written in honor of the people who make us happy, and the drinks that keep us merry. To the people whose work is a testament to the adage ‘follow your passions, pursue your dreams, and you will get there in your own time.”

These inventive artisans have created some of the best craft spirits of all time -- all the more reason to try and buy locally produced products!. Without further ado, presenting the Top 10 Craft Spirit Distilleries that make the brands every sip a smile and every trip worthwhile.


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1. The Block Distilling Co.


The Block Distilling Co.

Artful, unapologetic spirits are created in The Block Distilling Co. Using the best raw ingredients they can find and quality industrial equipment -- not to mention the merging of culinary and chemistry-like processes -- they make some of the best gins and vodka around the block.


 2. Devil's Head Distillery


Devil's Head Distillery

Devil’s Head takes pride in using all natural ingredients and not adding other additives and color agents. This distillery creates a small batch of premium spirits, all certified craft distilled spirits by the famous American Distilling Institute magazine.


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 3. Golden Moon Distillery

Golden Moon Distillery

This award-winning distillery produces only award-winning spirits for everyone to enjoy. Their premium hand-crafted whiskeys, liqueurs, and many others are made with the best ingredients available and production techniques used by craft spirit artisans of the late 1800s.


 4. Leopold Bros.

Leopold Bros.

Within a stone’s throw from the Rocky Mountain National Arsenal lies Leopold Bros. This independently-owned distillery is home to a topnotch quality of spirits. They hold the record for being the only distillery in Colorado that malts their grains onsite. It is good to note, as well, that they are the only ones that have an operating Three Chamber Still in the US and around the globe.


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5. Mad Rabbit Distillery


Mad Rabbit Distillery


Another of those who create some of the best spirits in the land is the Mad Rabbit Distillery. Their delicious gin, vodka, and rum are made entirely out from scratch! This Craft Spirits Manufacturer uses locally-sourced organic corn, grown and harvested from the Western Slopes of Colorado for their Vodka and Bourbon Whiskey.


 6. Mile High Spirits


Mile High Spirits


The heart of Downtown Denver is the home of Mile High Spirits. Since the beginning, they have crafted some of the best series of spirits using the finest ingredients that Colorado has to offer. Their passionate craftsmen work hard to bring you one of the tastiest spirits in town.


 7. Rocker Spirits



ROCKER Spirits’ loyal tribe of mavericks create their vodka, rum, and whiskey with one thing in mind: that these craft spirits would awaken a great admiration to traditional methods of craft spirit making. Backed up with their commitment to give quality products, their crafted spirits says a lot about their passion and how they’ve forged their own path.


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 8. Spirit Hound Distillers

Spirit Hound Distillers


What do you get when you have an old west’s enterprising soul, a heart and passion for fine spirits, and an insatiable mind to discover how to distill unique and high-caliber libations? You get Spirit Hound Distillers. Their products are the highest achievement of their deepest desires to give highest-quality, hand-crafted spirits.


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9. The Family Jones

The Family Jones

Awarded by Denver’s Westword as The Best Distillery Tasting Room (Best of Denver 2018, Food and Drink Category), The Family Jones continues to make its way into the hearts of the locals with its good food and the service they provide to their patrons. Not only that, this distillery-restaurant has captured Denver by creating some of the most unique and innovative craft spirits that Denver has ever tasted. 303magazine has more on about this distillery, its spirits, and its food.


 10. Vapor Distillery

Vapor Distillery

Experience the art of craft distilling when you taste the artisanal creations of Vapor Distillery. Made from hands that are committed to give high-quality spirits with the choicest ingredients, each whiskey, vodka, and gin are crafted from award-winning recipes and aged to perfection. They pride themselves on ever-learning and always discovering and creating new, unique, and avant-garde spirits.


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The 2018 Summer Spirits Festival

So once again, this article goes to the people behind these awesome distilleries. To the ones who make us happy with their innovative creations crafted from a genius mind and an winner of a recipe.This Summer, give a big thanks to these makers of great booze by joining us in a series of Spirits Festivals to be held in Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, and Minneapolis.

Get ready to experience a journey with us as we explore various spirits that are featured in the event. It will be a two-hour tasting with additional time provided for VIP guests. To register, visit BeSocialScene.com.


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