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Top Irish Bars in St. Louis

When St. Louis is mentioned, what immediately comes to mind? What’s the first thing you do when you want to visit this place? Maybe experience a baseball game? We can’t forget the infamous arch, Gateway to the West.

Are you up for a grabbing a couple of beers at a new space? Speaking of beer, there’s more than just a few varieties in the city, you can also find tasty cocktails, whiskeys, wine, and a lot more, especially on St. Patrick’s Day.

Who says that St. Patrick’s Day isn’t as exciting in St. Louis? When you know the right places to go, you'll surely have a good time celebrating the occasion in pubs that remind you of the Emerald Isle. Social Scene kicks it off with the Top Irish Bars in St. Louis that you can visit!


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1) O'Connell's Pub

Location: 4652 Shaw Ave, St. Louis, MO


O'Connell's Pub

A favorite destination when you ask the locals



Quite a casual place to be in, O'Connell's Pub has been around for over 40 years which makes its well-worn atmosphere fit the ambiance. There are pub and restaurant sections where you can choose to eat perfectly good food or drink Guinness for St. Patrick’s Day.

Check out their menu and pick from the many varieties of drinks. You have Irish whiskeys, single malt scotch, beer, and wine. Contact them now at 314-773-6600 for inquiries.


 2) John D. McGurks

Location: 1200 Russell Blvd., St. Louis, Mo 63104


 John D. McGurks


Enjoy your meal while drinking and having a great time with other people


What makes John D. McGurks so endearing to many is the Irish music played. Owners of the pub specifically bring in Irish musicians to play each night of the week and all year round. The menu is also very tasteful with entrees like Bangers and Mash, and also Guinness stew.

The place is considered a top-class Irish pub in all of St. Louis. Call them now at 314-776-8309 or email your queries at questions@mcgurks.com.



 3) Seamus McDaniels

Location: 1208 Tamm Ave., Saint Louis, MO 63139


 Seamus McDaniels

Take a visit to the bar and drink your heart out


An Irish pub from back in 1985, Seamus McDaniels has easily become a favorite among locals. The bar is small and traditional and totally feels very Irish. A small drink at the place on St. Patrick’s Day can instantly transport your surroundings into a local pub in Ireland.

Guests can look forward to the rich and creamy Guinness from the bar, as well as Smithwicks Harp Lager, Budweiser, and Bud Light among others. Call them up now for reservations at 314- 645-6337.


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4. The Pat Connolly Tavern

Location: 6400 Oakland Ave., St. Louis, MO 63139


The Pat Connolly Tavern

A Dogtown winner that’s been around for a long time


A restaurant, bar and also a community event space, The Pat Connolly Tavern doesn't only bring people together for good food and drinks, but it bonds them together to share conversation and ideas. There’s no such thing as feeling alone on St. Patrick’s Day when all you can do is head down to the tavern!

Take a sip of their tasteful cocktails and find out more varieties on the cocktail menu. Contact them by phone 314 6477287or you can email inquiries to info@patconnollytavern.com.


5) Helen Fitzgerald’s Irish Grill & Pub

Location: 3650 S. Lindbergh Blvd., Saint Louis, MO 63127



Helen Fitzgerald’s Irish Grill & Pub

A restaurant, bar, and club chameleon


Helen Fitzgerald’s Irish Grill & Pub has been around since 1992. A large Irish pub that serves food and drinks specials for everyone to enjoy. Guests can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in private rooms or out on the huge patio with live music to add to the electrifying ambiance.

There’s never a dull moment in Helen Fitzgerald’s! Choose from their main, special and party carry out menus. Call them at 314-984-0026 for events and reservations.


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 6) Maggie O’Brien’s Restaurant & Irish Pub

Location: 2000 Market Street, Saint Louis, MO 63103


Maggie O’Brien’s Restaurant & Irish Pub

Don't miss out on all the action and join the party at Maggie O’Brien’s


Maggie O’Brien’s Restaurant & Irish Pub serves on the holidays, during sporting events and offers space for private events. Keep in mind they’re also all pumped up for parties like our favorite holiday, St, Patrick’s Day! Maggie O’Brien’s simply offers the best food that you can find in downtown St. Louis.

It is also well known for its live music scene and has become a destination for patrons. This place has been around since 1979 and has been named after the original owner. Schedule an event here or contact them for catering at 314-421-1388.



7.  Molly Darcys

Location: 26 N. Meramec Ave., Clayton, St. Louis, MO 63105

Molly Darcys

Celebrates a rich heritage and fine culture


Molly Darcys is a pub that owes its essence to Molly Darcy. She was a special Irish woman who lived and also associated with people who survived the Famine years from 1845 to 1851.

Guests can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Guinness, beers, whiskeys, and the most delectable spirits accompanying a delicious homemade menu. Give them a call at 314-863-8400 for reservations and inquiries.




 8) Tigin Irish Pub & Restaurant

Location: 333 Washington Ave., Downtown, St. Louis, MO


Tigin Irish Pub & Restaurant

Taking you on a trip to authentic Irish pubs in the 21st century



From the best Irish coffees to seasonal beers, premium wine, storybook cocktails and more, St. Patrick’s Day is a lot of fun at Tigin Irish Pub & Restaurant. Specials are available all day and every day with a featured Schlafly Bottle.


Guests can expect international and local beers at the pub and also other varieties of drinks. Don’t miss out on their special St. Patrick’s Day event! Find out more and contact them at 314-241-8666.


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9) O’Shay’s Pub

Location: 4353 Manchester Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63110

O’Shay’s Pub

Drink good beer with together with good people


St. Patrick's Day is best celebrated with the people that you like in a place where there is good Irish food and Guinness! You can find all of that when you step into O’Shay’s Pub. It’s a locally owned pub that serves appetizer specials and drinks at the bar.

Guests can try out the revamped full menu while enjoying the drafts, well cocktails, and domestic buckets. Call them now for reservations at 314 932-5232.


 10) Riley’s Pub

Location: 3458 Arsenal St, Saint Louis, MO 63118

Riley’s Pub

Home of one of the cheapest Guinness in St. Louis (Photo by Danyell K.)


Riley’s Pub has the cheapest Guinness in town. If you plan on spending your St. Patrick's Day celebration with this drink, then head down to the pub and fill up your glass with your favorite beer!


The place has a very cozy atmosphere and very friendly staff to assist you. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the rest of the day. Call them at 314 664-7474 for more details.


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