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Top Whiskey Brands in Chicago

Whiskey isn't only crazy delicious and utterly good, it can actually give you life!

You may be asking, could this even be possible? Whiskey comes from a Gaelic word uisce, this directly translates to water. For a closer comparison, the word in Latin also means uisge beatha and this also translates to water of life.

What does this knowledge mean, you say? Well, it seems, according to the definition, whiskey is potentially your water of life, so maybe, just maybe, it’s acceptable to need it in order to survive. It isn’t too late to be converted and become a whiskey aficionado! Head down to the heart of America and see the Top Whiskey Brands in Chicago.

Social Scene guides you as you look for your very own whiskey of life with this list of the most popular brands of unique whiskeys you can only find in the city.


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 1. Mikkeller

Where to find it:

Koval Distillery, 5121 N Ravenswood Ave (at Foster Ave), Chicago, IL 60640


A result of Koval Distillery’s collaboration with Mikkeller


Mikkeller is a brand of whiskey produced by Koval Distillery and the nomad micro-brewery Mikkeller from Denmark. Prepare yourself for some cutting-edge plus unique blends of whiskey that separates this brand from the rest of the world.


The whiskey also follows the traditional bottle distillation and aging process of Koval. It gives the drink its consistent taste as to what Koval produces but at the same time, gives you hints of chocolate malt and new mash bill. Expect that its flavor frolics around toasted walnuts, coffee, and caramel.




2.  Stouted Single Malt Whiskey

Where to find it:

Chicago Distilling Company, 2359 N Milwaukee Ave (Between W Medill Ave & W Fullerton Ave), Chicago, IL 60647



Chicago Distilling Company’s very own Single Malt


The Stouted Single Malt Whiskey from the Chicago Distilling Company, can make a very strong pint and will surely be enjoyed by many whiskey lovers. This is brewed together with a stout mash bill and it’s then distilled to become whiskey.

Drink it with friends, while meeting new people, and even on your own when you’re just sitting down to relax. The taste fills you with small bits of cocoa and then it opens up to a mixture of roasted coffee with a tinge of nuttiness.




 3. CH Distillery Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Where to find it:

CH Distillery, 564 W Randolph St., Chicago, IL 60661




One of CH Distillery’s core spirits



The CH Distillery Straight Bourbon Whiskey is categorized at the CH Distillery as one of their CH core spirits. Expect a nose of brown sugar with maple which goes down to a palate of oaky sweetness. For the finish, you get a vanilla flavor which slowly fades into notes of oakiness.

It’s an Indiana bourbon that has 52.5% ABV and comes in a 750ml bottle when you decide to purchase it online or when you get it from the distillery itself.

You can’t say that you’ve lived enough without tasting whiskey. What are the best whiskeys that conquer the globe? Get ready to find out here!


 4. Rye Whiskey

Where to find it:

FEW Spirits, 918 Chicago Ave, Evanston, IL 60202



Whiskey that is made from a hearty grain


Rye Whiskey is produced by FEW Spirits and it generously offers rye with a rich sweet corn palate. The blend has been aged in air-dried oak barrels slowly completing its fruition as the final mix has a tinge of spiciness.

The drink is said to be the renaissance of rye and has won countless awards. Rye Whiskey has garnered the Craft Whiskey Of The Year from the Whisky Advocate, it also bagged the gold medal from The World Whiskey Awards, The Beverage Tasting Institute, and from The International Whiskey Competition.


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 5. Fat Pug Stout Whiskey

Where to find it:

2717 N Maplewood Ave, Chicago, IL 60647



Maplewood Brewery And Distillery’ very own Fat Pug Stout Whiskey Photo by the Chicago Bourbon


The Fat Pug Stout Whiskey is a star at Maplewood Brewery and Distillery. Known for producing beers, Maplewood doesn’t lose its touch when it comes to blending whiskeys as well. Blends in the facility are unique because of their off-grain distillation.

Solids are filtered from the mash even before fermentation. The process is something that’s not common in US whiskey distillation and that is what’s giving Maplewood whiskeys their own attitude in taste.




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