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2018 Summer Whiskey Tasting Festival Recap: Denver's Top Brands



It was an awesome summer affair as whiskey devotees in Denver had a blast as they enjoyed a variety of amazing whiskey brands in the 2018 Summer Whiskey Festival

This two-hour whiskey tasting festival have all the makings of a great tasting event -- amazing food and drink specials, VIP perks, and other surprises that made this day more memorable for patrons. 

Apart from having a marvelous time, attendees were given the opportunity to pick out their favorite whiskey brands.Here are the three favorite whiskey brands in the 2018 Denver Summer Whiskey Tasting Festival. (Drumroll, please.)


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Larceny Bourbon


Denver brand recap Larceny Bourbon

This year’s summer whiskey tasting festival is proud to have Larceny Bourbon to bring spice and heat to Denver’s summer. Larceny is honored to be one of the brands in the prestigious The Spirit Journal World's Top 120 Spirits 2013 list.

This Spirit Journal lists all types of spirits, not just whiskey, and Larceny has bagged the #18 spot with a 5-Star Recommendation. This is just one of the many amazing things about Larceny Bourbon as stated in this blog


State 38 Distilling

State 38 Distilling Denver whiskey top brands recap


Another whiskey brand that graced this year’s whiskey tasting festival is the State 38 Distilling. This award-winning distillery has birthed some of the most outstanding spirits in the market today.

Some of their products, the DC Loveday, a remarkable Colorado-made small batch bourbon whiskey and their delectable Scottish peat smoked whisky, WI McKenzie, were featured and loved by many of the participants of the said festival.


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Denver whiskey top brands Weavers


Weaver's Spirits has crafted some of the best whiskeys in the nation, and right now, it has been chosen by the fans as one of the top whiskey brands in this year's Denver Whiskey Tasting Festival.

The Weaver’s Light American Whiskey has won the double gold medal in the Best American Whiskey Competition in years 2016 and 2017 consecutively.

Apart from this, they have also created vodka and other whiskey expressions like Weaver’s Spirits’ Rye Whiskey and Bourbon Whiskey. Check out their spirits here



The 2019 Summer Whiskey Tasting Festival

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