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Top Ten All Time Favorite Whiskey Cocktails

Whether it is bourbon, rye, or scotch, if you are a whiskey lover it doesn’t matter. Whiskey is whiskey! Same is true whether the whiskey is served mixed or neat. If you are a lover of this delicious adult beverage, neat or mixed, you’d likely not pass it up.

This time, your friends at Social Scene bring you a list of the all-time favorite whiskey cocktails that every whiskey fan in the world is familiar with. Also, don’t be afraid to make these tempting libations for your next get together or for your own happy hour.


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Winter Whiskey




      Primary Alcohol:  Rye Whiskey
                     Served: Neat, Chilled; Without Ice
    Standard Garnish: Maraschino Cherry
Standard Drinkware: Cocktail Glass (Martini)
                     Timing: Before Dinner


This whiskey based drink is one of six basic adult beverages listed in The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, a David A. Embury classic. Critics say that the Manhattan is similar to the martini, but with a hint of sweetness.

Traditionally, rye whiskey is used for a classic Manhattan. But recently, many have raved that this cocktail made with bourbon as a base is equally delicious. Serve always chilled either in a short tumbler or a martini glass. Make one today with this recipe from Esquire.


Old Fashioned

      Primary Alcohol:  Whiskey
                    Served:  On the Rocks; Poured over Ice
   Standard Garnish:  Orange twist
                                  Cocktail Cherry
Standard Drinkware: Old Fashioned Glass
                     Timing: Before Dinner

Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktails

If you want another simple whiskey cocktail, try an Old-Fashioned. The use of the Old Fashioned cocktail in the TV series Mad Men has coincided with many taking interest in this and other classic cocktails in the 2000’s (stated in this report by The New York Times).  Make a dram of this sweet and sophisticated cocktail by using this International Bartenders Association’s recipe.


Mint Juleps

       Primary Alcohol: Whiskey
                     Served: On the Rocks; Poured over Ice
    Standard Garnish: Mint Sprig
Standard Drinkware: Traditional Silver Cup or Highball Glass


Mint Juleps isC a bourbon-based cocktail garnished with a mint sprig or sometimes spearmint. This divine cocktail is associated with the American South and its food. More tips, tricks, and the recipe itself in allrecipes.com.

Whiskey Sour

       Primary Alcohol: Bourbon Whiskey
                     Served: On the Rocks; Poured over Ice
    Standard Garnish: Maraschino Cherry and Half Orange Slice
Standard Drinkware: Cocktail Glass (Martini)
                     Timing:  Before Dinner

Best Whiskey Cocktails

Whiskey Sour is one of the easiest cocktails to make. Traditionally, it is made with bourbon whiskey (sometimes rye), lemon juice, and sugar. Others opt to put a dash of egg white (which is called a Boston Sour). Others level up the dram by adding a few spoons of red wine floating on top (often referred to as the New York Sour). Here is an easy recipe on how to recreate this cocktail.



Hot Toddy

      Primary Alcohol: Whiskey
                     Served: Hot
    Standard Garnish: Spices like cinnamon
Standard Drinkware: Cup



Many whiskey aficionados out there love a hot toddy, especially in the cold months or in the wet seasons of the year or even for a cold; it has been used for an at home remedy. There are a variety of hot toddy recipes out there. Some drink hot toddys to relax them before retiring at night or as mentioned, some believe that it relieves the onset of a flu and cough.

Whatever reason you ingest a delicious hot toddy, it is a beverage that will be staying in the hearts of many whiskey lovers for a long time. Now, how to make it? Please click here.

Jack and Coke

       Primary Alcohol:  Tennessee whiskey
                      Served: Chilled; With Ice
    Standard Garnish: Maraschino Cherry
Standard Drinkware: Collins Glass

Best Whiskey Cocktails

Often referred to as bourbon and coke, the Jack and Coke is one of the most popular cocktail drinks in America. It got its name from the ingredients that it uses -- Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and Coca-Cola. 

The term "Jack and Coke" was used in some combined advertising for Jack Daniel's and Coca-Cola. By 2016, the Food and Beverage Magazine officially renamed this drink “The Lemmy”. Create the drink for yourself by clicking here.


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Winter Whiskey


The Godfather

       Primary Alcohol: Scotch Whisky and Amaretto
                      Served: On the Rocks; Poured over Ice
Standard Drinkware: Old Fashioned Glass
                      Timing: After dinner

The Godfather

Disaronno, an amaretto brand, explains the name behind the drink. They claim that this was the best-loved cocktail drink of Marlon Brando, an American actor in the film The Godfather. Others say that it just might be an allusion to the cocktail's prominent use of amaretto, an Italian liqueur.

The Godfather also has variations of the drink. The Godmother cocktail uses vodka in lieu of whiskey. The Godchild replaces scotch with cream, making the drink less alcoholic. Taste the whole family affair by learning the basic Godfather recipe.


Rusty Nail

      Primary Alcohol:  Scotch whisky
                     Served: On the Rocks; Poured over Ice
    Standard Garnish: Lemon Twist
Standard Drinkware: Old Fashioned Glass
                      Timing: After Dinner

Best Whiskey Cocktails

Another cocktail with a few variations is the rusty nail. Let us give it to you via bullet form:

  • Straight Up Nail is a Rusty Nail served without ice
  • The Rusty Bob is a drink that substitutes Bourbon whisky for blended Scotch whisky
  • The Rusty Ale is served without ice and with a shot of Drambuie added to any beer.
  • The Smoky Nail uses Islay whisky (very smoky in flavor) to replace blended Scotch whisky.
  • The Clavo Ahumado, or the Spanish variant of The Smoky Nail, uses mezcal in the place blended Scotch whisky.
  • The Railroad Spike is one part of Drambuie to more or less four parts of cold brewed coffee in a tall glass over ice. It is often served at brunch.
  • The Donald Sutherland uses Canadian rye whisky instead of the blended Scotch whisky.

Give the Rusty Nail a go! Start by making it in this recipe.


Irish Coffee

      Primary Alcohol:  Irish Whiskey
                     Served: Hot
Standard Drinkware: Irish Coffee Glass (Footed)

Best Whiskey Cocktails

Feeling cold? Have some Irish Coffee. Whether you are feeling cold outside or cold in the heart, the Irish Coffee’s cream, coffee, and whiskey mixture is sure to lift you up to a warmer, better place. Here is how to make this cozy drink.


Rob Roy

      Primary Alcohol: Scotch Whisky
                     Served: Choice of "Straight Up" or "On the Rocks"
Standard Garnish: 2 Maraschino Cherries on a Skewer or Lemon Twist
Standard Drinkware: Cocktail Glass (Martini)

Best Whiskey Cocktails

In 1894, a bartender at the Waldorf Astoria, New York, discovered an amazing cocktail out of whisky and vermouth. He called it The Rob Roy cocktail, in honor of the opening night of the operetta Rob Roy. The operetta is based on the Scottish folk hero Rob Roy MacGregor.

The cocktail is quite similar to a Manhattan, but is made entirely with Scotch whisky. Want to know the difference? Make one for yourself using this recipe and compare it with the recipe from cocktail 1 from this list.


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