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Top Halloween Events In Denver

Minnesota is popular for their over-the-top decors and exciting events every Halloween, declaring it as the Halloween Capital of the World. Fancy isn’t it? Now that the state has set the bar high on this festive holiday, Minneapolis have prepared befitting Halloween and fall activities making it also an eerie Halloween destination in America.

Social Scene has compiled a listed the top Halloween activities in Minneapolis and nearby cities that will definitely give you the thrill of visiting the city in October!

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1. Bar Crawls


Meet people, drink booze, and visit plenty of bars in Minneapolis at the upcoming Halloween bar crawl

The city is in for a treat as one of the most exciting Halloween activities in Minneapolis is about to happen at the 2018 Minneapolis Halloween Bar Crawl. Happening on Saturday, October 27th at Depot Tavern, Prime 6, and more to be announced soon! $1000 is also at stake, enter to win at HalloweenCrawlContest.com.


2. Bonfire

Top Halloween Activities in Minneapolis and Nearby Cities and Bonfire

Bonfire; one of the top Halloween activities in Minneapolis


Bonfire is one of the top Halloween activities in Minneapolis, where locals can enjoy a night of food, music, and ghoulish fun. With just marshmallows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers, locals are all set for a great Hallow’s eve fun. This outdoor tradition can be done at various campsite areas from Bluff Valley, Afton State Park, and the Itasca State Park.


3. Cemetery Tour

Top Halloween Activities in Minneapolis and Nearby Cities and Cemetery Tour

Inside the Lakewon Cemetery


If you’re brave enough to hear some haunted stories while strolling in the cemetery, then the Lakewon Cemetery is the place to be. The assigned guide shares 150 years of local history and will tell the stories of the tombstones and the meaning behind the symbols carved on them. Everyone can bring their camera, but be ready to catch something supernatural on your shots.


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4. House Decorating

Top Halloween Activities in Minneapolis and Nearby Cities and House Decorating

One of the spookiest yards in Anoka


Halloween house decorating has been a staple activity in Anoka. It took the resident months of planning on how to decorate their homes and yard to takeaway the “Best Decorated House” for Halloween award. As spooky as it gets, they are know to put up some life-size witches, zombies, and other eerie characters to fill in the holiday festivity decor. This year, cash prizes to be given away are $150.00 (1st place), $100 (2nd place), and $75 (3rd place).



5. Parade

Top Halloween in Minneapolis and Nearby Cities and Parade

Kids and adult join Minneapolis' grand parade

In 1919, mischiefs during Halloween have upset the locals of Anoka, but through the help of Kiwanis club the following year, they have provided alternative activities for Halloween - including a city parade featuring marching bands joined by the police and fire departments, civic clubs, and hundreds of children marching in costume. This program is followed by a bonfire, distribution of free popcorn, candy, and other treats. Since then, the annual grand parade became one of the top Halloween activities in Minneapolis.

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Get Ready For Halloween Bar Crawl 2019

Prepare for an exciting Halloween Bar Crawl happening simultaneously on October. in ChicagoDallasDenverIndianapolisMinneapolis, and St. Louis


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