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Top 10 St. Patrick's Day Events in Indianapolis

It’s that time of the year again in Indianapolis where people wear their green hats and shirts to make their way into the streets and their favorite Irish bars! What day is this? It’s none other than St. Patrick’s Day!

Indianapolis is a city of happenings and St. Patrick’s Day is coming. It’s just the right time for you to start planning what to do and where to go. From parties, parades, festivals, and even to bar crawls, the options are endless.

Where are you going to be this St. Paddy’s Day? Check out the top 10 St. Patrick’s Day Events in Indianapolis that Social Scene has listed below to find out!


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 1. St. Patrick's Day Whiskey & Beer Dinner

Fashion Mall, 3550 E 86th St,, Indianapolis, IN 46240



Come to a place where Italy meets Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day


If you’re wondering where to go in Indianapolis for St. Patrick's Day, then St. Patrick's Day Whiskey & Beer Dinner at Maggiano's Little Italy has got you covered. The dinner is set to serve a St. Patrick’s Day menu that will be perfectly paired with Jameson crafted cocktails and more.

There will be three main courses to complete the dinner service, where special cocktails will also be served per course. The dinner is open on the 13th of March at 8:30pm. For reservations and tickets, find them here.


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 2. Irish Stroll Weekend

The Whistle Stop Inn, 375 Illinois St, Indianapolis, IN 46225


Visit the best bars in downtown Indianapolis this St. Patrick's Day


The Irish Stroll Weekend is a treat for those looking forward to St, Patrick's Day and all the exclusive drink specials that bars in Indianapolis will serve. The event offers not only the best Irish treatment that you deserve on this special day but also a wild trip to the most exciting bars in the city!

Join the bar crawl on the 15th of March, which will begin at 5 PM. The 16th of March will be the first Irish Stroll Day starting at 1pm to 10pm and then you’re automatically invited to the Get Shamrocked after party at 9pm. On the 17th of March is the second Irish Stroll Day that will last from 1pm to 10pm. Learn more about the event on their website.


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 3. BarCrawls.com Indianapolis St. Patrick's Day Bar Crawl Irish Stroll

247 South Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225



Need to have fun on St. Patrick’s Day? The Irish Stroll is one of the best bar crawls to join in!


The BarCrawls.com Indianapolis St. Patrick's Day Bar Crawl Irish Stroll is one of the best options you have for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebration. You get to enjoy an all day pub crawl throughout Indianapolis and get the chance to discover new bars and the latest drinks to hit the town!

Expect a lot of drink specials and no cover admission needed for the bars participating in the crawl. Book now and mark your calendar on the 16th and 17th of March for the event where they both start at 12pm. You are free to visit any of the participating bars in whatever order you like. For more details about the event, check them here.


 4. St. Patrick's Day - Free Tasting!

21at Amendment, 3404 East 146th Street, Carmel, IN 46033


Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with free tastings and giveaways



Who doesn't like free tastings and giveaways? St. Patrick's Day - Free Tasting is definitely an event that you’d want to go to if you love samplings of the best whiskey, beer, and liqueur that Indianapolis has to offer.

The event is on the 16th of March and starts at 6pm and ends at 8pm. Test your luck during the giveaway and get to bring something new home. If you are a giveaway winner, it’s important to be present throughout the event to claim your freebies. What are you waiting for? Get your tickets now here!


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 5. St. Patrick's Day Specials

High Velocity, 10 South West Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204


Love Guinness? Go to High Velocity on St. Patrick’s Day and treat yourself with your favorite Irish drink!


Guinness is undoubtedly the star of St. Patrick's Day. The celebration is not complete until you’ve had your glass or bottle of Guinness and this is exactly what St. Patrick's Day Specials are offering you. You can get 16 oz of your favorite Guinness pints as well as Jameson shots all day! This is all for just $5 on St. Patrick’s Day.

Get your schedule ready for the 17th of March and go to High Velocity Sports Bar for the event. This starts at 11am to 11pm. There are also special menu items ready just for St. Paddy’s Day! Find out more on their website.


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6. St. Patrick's Day Party at Four Day Ray

Four Day Ray Brewing, 11671 Lantern Road, Fishers, IN 46038


It’s Four Day Ray’s 3rd annual St. Patrick's Day celebration and you’re invited!


Can't wait to finally party on St. Patrick’s Day? St. Patrick's Day Party at Four Day Ray invites you to enjoy your St. Paddy’s Day to the fullest! This event comes from the cooperation of Trueblood Real Estate and Fishers Parks & Recreation offers you a tasteful menu of beers, wines, and spirits!

Lasting from the 16th to the 17th of March, the event starts at 6:30pm to 10pm on both days. Tickets are priced from $5 to $10 wherein you can pay $5 in advance and $7 at the door on the 16th. Payment in advance for the 17th would be $10 and $12 at the door. This event is only for 21+ in the tent.


 7. Lucky's St. Patrick's Day Crawl - Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN 46220


Feeling lucky on St. Patrick’s Day? Spend it with a day crawl at Crawl WIth Us


It’s the biggest drinking day of the year, St. Patrick's Day! Lucky's St. Patrick's Day Crawl - Indianapolis is just the perfect way to celebrate it and meet new people who are liquor lovers as well. Attendees will receive 2 free drinks or shots, and food and drink specials!

The event is on the 16th of March and tickets start from $15 to $25. Make sure to be there at 4pm and stay until the end at 11:59pm. Get to visit 5 or more venues and experience a thrilling after party. More details are on their website and you can also check their terms of service here.


8. The District Tap SHAMROCKS & SHENANIGANS St. Patrick's Day Tent Party

The District Tap, 3720 East 82nd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240


Party all you want on St. Patrick’s Day with live music and drinks!


It's a day tent party like no other! The District Tap SHAMROCKS & SHENANIGANS St. Patrick's Day Tent Party is bringing you an electric party filled with the entertainment and the liquor that you need on St. Patrick's Day.

Get ready for a two-day tent party on the 16th to the 17th of March. Doors open from 11am onwards to 11pm for both days. Live music begins at 2pm and there will be no cover until 4pm. For those paying the cover, it costs about $5 for a day and $7 if both days.


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 9. St. Patrick's Day At Hopcat Broad Ripple

6280 N College Ave #700, Indianapolis, IN 46220


Visit Hopcat at Indianapolis this St. Patrick's Day, Photo by TripAdvisor


Hop into the coolest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in town and join in St. Patrick's Day At Hopcat Broad Ripple. It’s more than just a single day celebration at HopCat. Attendees will be treated to a 3 day celebration from the 15th to the 17th of March and starting at 11am.


If you’ve been thinking about where to hang out all weekend, then this is the place that you’d love to perch on St. Patrick’s Day. The event will offer a drink menu which includes the brand names of Guinness, Jameson, Smithwicks, Irish Slammers, Harp, and more in bottles and on tap.




 10. 2019 Indianapolis St Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl (Saturday)

Downtown Indianapolis Venues, Indianapolis, IN 46225


Enjoy the best bars in town with an energetic St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl


St. Patrick’s Day is all about luck and charms, and you can definitely get both when you join the 2019 Indianapolis St Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl! Discover new bars, dance to live Irish music, drink Irish beers, and liquor specials! This might just be the best experience you’ve ever had!

Mark your calendar on the 16th of March and get ready to conquer the bars of Indianapolis on St.Patrick's Day. The event will give you packages to choose from and you can also get two $5 gift cards, drink specials, a St. Patrick’s Shot Glass Medallion and many more! Registration starts from 10am to 12pm, click here for more information.


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