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Top St. Patrick’s Day Activity Ideas

St. Paddy’s Day, also known as St, Patrick’s Day is probably one of the biggest social gatherings celebrated in the US. Back in Ireland, this day was celebrated humbly unlike how it is now where it’s more pronounced and grandeur.

St. Patrick's Day was commemorated in memory of St. Patrick’s death. He passed on March 17th around 461 AD. Families in Ireland typically spend the day with mass, offering prayers and after, having a simple feast at home.


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St. Patrick's Day Parade (Photo from Wikimedia/Ardfern)


As the Irish started to emigrate to the United States, they took the St. Patrick's Day tradition along with them. Thus, the modern way of observing St. Patrick's Day was born. People who memorialize this day honor the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. A huge part of the feast is also dedicated to preserving Irish traditions and celebrating Irish people as a whole.


It’s Time To Get Creative On St. Patrick's Day!

There’s more than just one way to enjoy what St. Patrick's Day has to offer! Doing the same things annually can get boring. Creativity is the key and you can always plan something exciting for yourself, your family and your friends on this occasion.


Social Scene gives you the Top St. Patrick's Day Activity Ideas to add to your list! Why not step your game up this year? The amount of things you can possibly do is endless. Not only that, but you also get to have fun while deviating from the norm.


Honoring The Occasion: St. Patrick's Day With Your Family

Irish-American kids attending a St. Patrick's Day Parade (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)


What if this time around, you just want to be with your family and enjoy St. Patrick's Day? Since it is a Christian celebration that families partake in, you can still do fun things with your loved ones without partying out or drinking.


Conjure A Leprechaun In Your Own Garden

Leprechauns or the leipreachán to the Irish are usually associated with St. Patrick's Day along with shamrocks. Leprechauns come from Irish folklore and are always seen as mischievous little creatures. They are also shown as shoemakers and would always hide a pot of gold. According to the folklore, if a leprechaun is caught by a human, it can grant them three wishes in exchange for setting it free.

You can start decorating a terracotta pot with little leprechaun faces and then add soil and shamrocks on it. You can then place the pot in a spot where it’s always sunny and then sit back to watch the “hair” grow on the leprechaun.


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Sit Back And Watch Irish Movies

If you are a movie buff and would like to spend your day watching movies with your family, then you would love watching Irish movies on St. Patrick's Day. Try to include the Calvary (2014), Hunger (2008), Once (2007), In the Name of the Father (1993), Far and Away (1992) and more to your movie list.


Planning on making St. Patrick's Day even more memorable? Find out more here!


Going Out On St. Patrick's Day With Friends

People watching the St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York (Photo: Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY)


If you’re an independent adult and you want to hang out with your pals on St. Patrick's Day, other than drinking, there are also tons of activities that you can join in. Whatever you decide to do, St. Patrick's Day is a day to have as much fun as you can with people that you’re happy to celebrate it with.


Go Green With Your OOTDs

Since green is the overall color of St. Patrick's Day, this is where you style yourself up with your favorite green shades. Take your time in styling your perfect St. Patrick's Day outfit. Have the perfect get up when you’re going out with friends for parades or for Irish pub hopping! Post your selfies online to show how you rock St. Patrick's Day fashion.


Joining the St. Patrick's Day’s Parade

The St. Patrick's Day Parade is one of the most iconic events for the day and you should not miss, especially it if it's your first time. It’s an amazing opportunity for people to gather together as a community and uphold the Irish roots. Try to check your local newspapers or city websites for possible parade schedules.


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2019 Denver St Patrick's Day Bar Crawl


Making Your Own Beer And Cheese Platter

Of course, you can always visit Irish restaurants and pubs for beer and cheese, but if you like experimenting on your own, then why not have a DIY? For St. Patrick's Day, beer and cheese platters are very much accepted as part of the menu. Try out new combinations and add in your favorite Irish beers or Irish foods into the mix.


Having Fun On St. Patrick's Day For Seniors

Attendees at Precinct 4’s St. Patrick's Day Dance


Being a senior doesn’t exempt you from enjoying St. Patrick's Day as it is. You can still have your own get-togethers and celebrate the occasion in your own way. What’s fun about St. Patrick's Day is, everyone at any age, from anywhere around the world is welcome to celebrate it.


Organize An Irish Themed Community Dinner

Ask friends or family members to join in a community dinner. St. Patrick's Day is all about coming together which is why having a community dinner party is one of the best ways to honor the occasion. The event doesn't need to be as private and you can even invite people from your own neighborhood. This is also a great opportunity to get to know more people and even share Irish secret recipes with one another.


The St. Patrick's Day Parade Is Still A Great Option!

The St. Patrick's Day Parade isn’t only for younger people, seniors can join in on it too! You can find people of all ages enjoying the parade which is truly a beautiful sight to see. Look at new sceneries, see all the bright and happy faces around you and enjoy the sunshine alongside the entire city!


Read St. Patrick’s Stories To Your Grandkids

Storytime is as simple as gathering your family in the living room and telling them the history of St. Patrick. It can be a great bonding moment with the family and it also teaches them the importance of St. Patrick and what he has contributed to the Irish people. Your grandkids can even share your stories as they pass them on to their own future grandchildren.


Save the date for St. Patrick's Day!


These are just some of the many things that you can do on St. Patrick's Day. You don't have to be at the hip places at all times. Family and loved ones are just as important. St. Patrick's Day helps people come together, young or old, friends, lovers and even strangers to have fun and tap into the Irish within them.



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If partying in green with your crew seems like something to do click below to save with code DWF and join the crowds in your city during the St Patrick's Day Bar Crawl!

2019 Denver St Patrick's Day Bar Crawl











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